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How to Message Seller on Poshmark? Quick & Easy Steps!!!

Ever wanted to pose a query to a seller on Poshmark but didn’t want the world to see it? Perhaps you wanted people to know that you have a different passion. You may want to haggle for a lesser price without anyone seeing your calculations. How to message seller on Poshmark? Fortunately, there are several ways to get in touch with a Poshmark vendor covered in this article.

How to Find a Seller on Poshmark?

  1. Open Poshmark on your gadget.
  2. In the bottom corner, select the username tab.
  3. Choose “Find People.”
  4. Next, select “New People.”
  5. You can now choose and include new Poshers.

“Fresh Closets” refers to brand-new users who have just uploaded their initial item to their Poshmark closet. Users that have just joined the site but haven’t posted anything are referred to as “Just Joined” users.

  1. Poshmark allows you to search using your name and login.
  2. Consider Poshmark.
  3. After finding the search field, select “Find Friends.”
  4. To search, type the user name or the person’s name.
  5. Your outcomes will be provided.

How to Message Seller on Poshmark?

To communicate with your seller via messaging

The App

  1. Examine the Account Tab.
  2. Purchase Things.
  3. Pick the appropriate sequencing.
  4. If necessary, choose Message Seller on the Order Details page.

A Web Page

  1. In the top right corner of the page, click on your profile picture.
  2. Purchase Things.
  3. Pick the appropriate sequencing.
  4. If necessary, choose Message Seller on the Order Details page.
  5. To communicate with your customer.

To communicate with your buyer via messaging.

The app

  1. Visit the Account Tab.
  2. Choose My Sales.
  3. Choose the appropriate sequence.
  4. Choose Message Buyer from the Order Details page.

The Internet

  1. In the top right corner of the page, choose your profile image.
  2. Choose My Sales.
  3. Choose the appropriate sequence.
  4. Choose Message Buyer from the Order Details page.

General Message

The most common technique to get in touch with someone is to compose a message and tag them with @username.

Semi-private Communication

The hope that the seller will make them a bundle offer, which is more akin to a personal offer or private discount to one individual, causes prospective buyers to bundle an item or multiple things. You are able to post comments and even have conversations once you are inside the package. Although anyone can view the bundle and comments, doing so takes a few clicks and interest, which is why this is only semi-private.

A Personal Message

Prior to the Selling or Acquisition

Prior to a purchase or transaction on Poshmark, there is currently no opportunity to speak privately; only after. The platform must be used for all communication and transactions, according to Poshmark regulations.

After the Transaction or Acquisition

After an item has been bought or sold, Poshmark has created a means for buyers and sellers to speak privately. If you bought something, go to “My Purchases,” choose what you bought, and then press “Message Seller.” Go to “My Sales,” choose the item you sold, then tap “Message Buyer” to send the buyer a message.

Can you Private Message a Seller on Poshmark?

The bundle function on Poshmark is the ideal way to send a private message. It enables a fictitious manner of communication between you and the other user. The biggest disadvantage of doing it this way is that your private message can still be discovered with a little extra work on the part of another user.

Here are a few circumstances where getting in touch with a customer privately makes sense.

  1. When you’re attempting to draw customers to your closet in order to promote a closet sale.
  2. When you want customers to continue browsing your closet.

We advise staying away from contacting anyone who still needs to get in touch with you. avoid going into arbitrary closets and leaving messages on people’s “Meet The Posher” or “For Sale” postings. It needs to be more professional and tacky.

Does Poshmark Notify Seller?

Being a great seller and building relationships with your customers depend on communication. Although Poshmark automatically sends out correspondence via email, it’s also beneficial to let them know in the listing’s comments when the item will be delivered.

Poshmark will inform the seller and provide the seller with a specific window of time to send the item, or else the order will be canceled.

We advise all sellers to appropriately describe their things in a listing by giving a thorough description and including crisp images that completely portray the item’s condition. The resolution is communicated to the buyer and seller through email following the examination of all supporting documentation.

How do I Contact a Seller on Poshmark?

The comment section of the item you are interested in is the best place to reach a seller if you have a query that needs to be addressed.

As a buyer or seller, there can be occasions when you feel like a more private interaction is necessary. If you want a more private interaction on Poshmark, the Meet the Posher post in their closet would be a better option.

  1. Discovering the seller’s contact details is an additional strategy.
  2. Activate the Poshmark app.
  3. Hit the username of a merchant. All of the seller’s listings are shown in a list on this page.
  4. A listing’s username is displayed beneath an item’s information.
  5. Select About. The banner at the top of the page is located next to the seller’s name and username. Information about the vendor is displayed here, including any contact details the seller desires to share. An email address, a personal website, or a username and password are examples of this.

How do you Send a Message to a Liker on Poshmark?

Through Offer to Likers, sellers can privately offer discounts to customers who have liked an item without lowering the listing price in front of the public.

  1. Check out your listing.
  2. Choose Deal / Price Drop.
  3. Choose Offer to Fans (private).
  4. Put Your Offer in.
  5. A shipping discount can be chosen.
  6. Choose Submit.

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