what does weak security mean on wifi

What Does Weak Security Mean on WiFi? (Risks & Implications)

You may be confused by the message ‘weak security’ when you connect your upgraded iPhone to the wi-fi network. It is not a fault of your iPhone; this message is a warning which indicates some threats to your iPhone. But you do not need to panic; there are some ways to make your connection strong and secure. But first, let’s see what does weak security means on wifi. Then, we will provide you with what you can do when this warning message appears.

What Does Weak Security Mean on Wifi? 

Simply, ‘weak security’ means that your router connection is an unsecured one for your device. The message appears in the settings bar of your wi-fi connection tab. Mainly, there are a few potential reasons for this message to appear.

 If your router is older, it might be powered by old network security standards. For example, there were WEP, WPA, and WPA2 (TKIP) as old network security standards for encryption. The aim of such network security standards is to secure the data from snoopers.

Moreover, it helps to inhibit using your internet connection by any unauthorized parties. Currently, those wi-fi security standards have been upgraded.

The latest version is WPA3 security mode and WPA2 or a bond of these two modes. So, if your router has an older standard, the system warns you regarding that showing a message in the settings of the wi-fi connection.

Another common reason is a weak password. If you have not created a strong password of eight characters in different letter cases, numbers, and symbols, it is recognized as a weak password. To confirm the security of a particular network, the password should be strong; otherwise, the network can be easily hacked.

Most of the routers already have a default password. It should be definitely changed into a strong password.

And also, the SSID of your wi-fi network should be a strong one, like the password. SSID indicates the network’s name. If it can be easily guessed, there will be some potential security issues.

What are the Risks of Weak Security on WiFi? 

Undoubtedly, there are some potential risks to your privacy if this message appears. When the connection is not strict, some unauthorized parties are able to access your wi-fi connection without permission.

Sometimes, they might try to enter your private network as well. Another side of this case is it directly affects the performance of your network. The connection might be slow or even stuck from time to time.

The worst thing is that hackers can commit various crimes using an unsecured network. Mainly, they can steal your data. The data can be related to your privacy or any other sensitive area, such as money transactions.

What are the Risks of Weak Security on WiFi

Another problem is anyone who has access to your network can send some malware. Then you will no longer be able to work with your router connection until you reset the devices.

Therefore, it is a must to take action whenever you see the message, ‘weak security.’

How Can you Check the Security of your WiFi Network? 

As we already discussed, the wi-fi protocol determines the security of your connection. In order to check the protocol, you should step on this path.

First, go to the settings on your iPhone. Then choose wi-fi connection settings. Then you will see the network list which is available; find your wireless connection from that. Click on it then you will see the network configuration.

If you are on your computer, tap the wi-fi connection icon on the taskbar. Then you should tap on the properties of the relevant wi-fi connection. Scroll down to check the security type of your wi-fi connection.

If the router has the latest wi-fi protocol, your network is secured. If not, it would be better to go for a replacement.

How Can you Improve the Security of Your WiFi Network? 

As we already discussed the reasons behind this case, you know that you should improve the security of your connection with the latest security standards and strong passwords.

First, check the security protocol of your router; if it is an older version, you need to buy a new one that is empowered with the latest protocol, WPA2 or WPA3 encryption.

And go to the settings tab to change your weak password. Make sure to create a password of 8 characters and include some uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and any symbols. Do the same for your SSID.

Moreover, it would be better to utilize a firewall on the router. It can minimize any threats to your network. And you need to update the firmware of your router. If there is still an older version, update it according to the instructions of your service provider.

What Should you Do If your WiFi Network has Been Compromised? 

If your network is compromised, you need to take these actions as soon as possible.

  • First, change your current wi-fi password before the hackers continue their crimes. Remember to set a strong password with 8 characters in different symbols, letters, and numbers. You have to reset the router if you are not allowed to log in.
  • Check your email, social media, and any other accounts immediately. If something inappropriate has happened, you need to cancel or reset the account.
  • If the hackers have stolen your sensitive details, you have to contact the authorized parties to inform them that your account is in danger. For example, if you are suspicious that your bank account details have been exposed to a third party, contact your bank and block all the transactions.
  • Finally, contact your internet service provider if you need assistance regarding the case. Make sure to update the encryption method to avoid this issue in the future.


The ‘weak security’ message on the iPhone indicates the unprotection of your network connection. The reasons might be older network security protocols, weak network passwords, and weak SSIDs. When there is an unsecured wi-fi network, some unauthorized parties can enter the network, and it can be a threat to your privacy. So. it is a must to fix the problem with the latest protocol and strong passwords, and SSIDs.

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