Do Scram Bracelets have GPS?

Do Scram Bracelets have GPS ? Let’s Find Out

A SCRAM device will leave us in question as to what exactly this device is all about. A SCRAM device is used to monitor driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) drivers for a longer period. Mostly it is used as a measure to avoid using alcohol when you are driving. This device is usually used when the court orders as a part of his or her sentence. Therefore, do SCRAM bracelets have GPS? This is one of the questions that will evoke curiosity in people to know whether their location is been tracked even when they are out of the home. 

A SCRAM bracelet is usually tied onto your ankle and the SCRAM is the abbreviated term for Secure Control Remote Alcohol Monitor. This device is instructed to wear 24 hours 7 days a week until the next court proceedings.  

Our article will focus on whether SCRAM bracelets have GPS and on what occasion they can have a GPS SCRAM bracelet.

How Does a SCRAM Bracelet Measure Alcohol? 

One of the main concerns here is how a device tied up on your ankle will measure how much alcohol the offender consumes. 

This device detects the amount of alcohol consumed by measuring the presence of alcohol in a person’s sweat as around 1% of alcohol consumed is released through sweat. The SCRAM bracelet is tied up on the ankle of the offender so that the offender by any chance will not consume alcohol at any given point since the device is continuously tracking and checking the alcohol percentage in sweat.

It will lead to a serious offense committed if the perpetrator consumes alcohol with the device on or try to remove the device by any means.  

A SCRAM bracelet will be only ordered to wear by a judge in a court proceeding for offenses like drinking under the influence of Alcohol, domestic violence, and underage drinking. Since the SCRAM bracelet is made to wear, an offender proven guilty of the crime committed will not have to undergo regular checkups, as the device itself will monitor the percentages.

It is usually recommended to wear the SCRAM bracelet for 60 to 90 days but depending on the progress and the necessary charges. It can drag on up to a year. This will be only decided by the judge in a court proceeding.

The SCRAM bracelet is able to detect even the minute amounts of alcohol released through a person’s sweat. Generally, the human body has the ability to release 1% of alcohol in sweat every day. The system of analysis used in SCRAM bracelets is called transdermal testing.

This testing is done once every hour to calculate the amount of alcohol consumed by the offender and whether he has consumed any or not. These test results will be automatically generated every hour and will be instantly sent to the respective authorities of the case or to the regional center where the offender was produced to courts.

Who Will have to Pay for a SCRAM Bracelet?

It is usually the offender of the driving under the influence of alcohol crime committed will have to pay for the SCRAM device suggested by the judge during the court proceedings.

However, the installation process and monitoring service process can be very expensive. It will not be a small fee as expected. The one-time installation process will take around 100 to 120 dollars whereas the monitoring service will require 15 to 20 dollars on a daily basis. Therefore, the expenses while using a SCRAM bracelet will be very expensive that anyone could ever think of.

What is the Penalty for Consuming Alcohol with a SCRAM Bracelet?

An instant message will be sent to the respective authorities if the offender of the crime tries to damage the bracelet by any means. The authorities will also be notified immediately if the offender has tested positive for consuming alcohol despite wearing the SCRAM bracelet.

If the offender is found, guilty, this will lead to a direct cancellation of the offender’s probation or parole period, which can in turn subject to a penalty to be paid by the courts themselves. Only if the offender of the committed crime has solid proof to demonstrate that the device tested a false positive or is in a state of malfunction he can prove himself innocent. But unfortunately, the SCRAM device does not work in that way because it only measures the alcohol content released through a person’s sweat. 

In order to know more information about the offender, the offender can hire a lawyer who is specialized in driving under the influence of alcohol cases and he can make use of the knowledge gained by the lawyer to defend his case in court. Whenever the offender is going to perform any kind of task it is much appreciated if he gets the advice of his hired lawyer as there won’t be any errors happening in the future.

Now let us move on to the most important question in our entire article, do SCRAM bracelets have GPS?

Do SCRAM Bracelets have GPS?

Fortunately or unfortunately, it is yes. Not all but certain SCRAM designs have a GPS (Global Positioning System) connected to it. Not all offenders will have a GPS connected to their SCRAM devices. A GPS-operated SCRAM device will only be given to the offenders by the judge under certain circumstances. The offenders who were given the verdict of house arrest will have to obtain a SCRAM bracelet with GPS technology to monitor the location and where about of the individual as the person cannot relocate from his house.

 If the offender by any chance tries to change his location or starts, traveling away from the boundary that was set by the authorities an instant alert message will be sent to the authorities and the respective authorities will show up at the place within a few minutes. 

To be precise, you cannot remove your SCRAM device under any given circumstances. It is even not ethical to remove the SCRAM devices while you are having a shower. The SCRAM bracelets are made waterproof due to this factor. Nevertheless, the SCRAM device cannot be kept for too long in the water too. 

The next most important factor that you should keep in mind is never to use mouthwash when you are using this device as mouthwash contains alcohol.


As a DUI offender, you should always be mindful of your SCRAM bracelet. Make sure you never engage in consuming alcohol while you are on your SCRAM device as it can lead to a serious violation of rules. The main purpose to use a SCRAM device is to refrain and stop using alcohol completely which you should abide by at all given times.

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