do led strips damage walls

Do LED Strips Damage Walls? What You Need To Know!

“A burning city, a lone mundane and a heinous apartment, “an odd combination that would exist in a technologically advanced world while the technicians introduce witchcraft that allows sun and moon, light and darkness to be together. LED strips, the ultimate result of technician’s sorcery, have come to save the day. The strips could cover the burning patches of the disastrous fire of despair while adding a hint of light to the world of this lonely human. Nonetheless, human keeps questioning, “Do LED strips damage walls?” The vertical response is to be revealed to the world.

What are LED Strips?

A LED strip is a flexible electric circuit designed using a load of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that can be bent, cut, and pasted on walls or any desired surface. These LED strips are known for interior decorations in the 21st century.

Most teenagers use them to decorate their rooms with a retro aesthetic. Furthermore, these LED strips are used as toys or ornaments in carnivals and festivals. These strips can be warped at least 90 times.

Moreover, these strips are in the market as solo, multi, or sequential color changes. Thus, these LED strips have climbed the demand for interior designs and exterior decorations of human life.

These LED strips come with already installed adhesives on the opposite side, so the user will not have a hard time using them. Furthermore, the user has the advantage of reusing the LED strips. If needed, more adhesives can be used as well.

How Do LED Strips Attach to Walls?

There are tons of procedures to stick LED strips to the wall. The simplest and default method is using the adhesive you have presented with the LED strips. Those original adhesives would last longer if the LED strips were not in old stock when you bought them.

You can also use clear sellotape to stick them or add extra security to the strips. Furthermore, users love using double-sided tape to attach LED strips as they are more durable than other tapes like sello tapes.

How Do LED Strips Attach to Walls

Nevertheless, if you are not obsessed with the clear tape look, switch sides with paper pins, clips, and wire hangers, or consider nailing the LED strips.

All these options are optimal to be used as they have given positive outcomes. However, using colored tape would not be a wiser choice as the color will distract the original beauty of the LED strips.

Can LED Strips Damage Walls?

LED strips can damage the walls if you have not followed the necessary precautions to prevent such damages and have not followed the accurate steps to install them.

Many factors allow the LED strips to damage the walls that you have installed them in it. Conditions like weather, climatic changes, and even the type of adhesive could affect the walls to be damaged.

There are several environmental conditions that you should avoid at all costs if you do not intend on having wall damage. You must prevent moisture on the surface where you want to stick the strips. By doing that, you will be protecting your walls from getting dark patches.

Furthermore, it is vital to acknowledge that the pressure of the adhesive tape wil affect your walls when you are finally ready to take them off, resulting in ripped paint stains. Hence LED strips can damage walls.

What are the Types of Damage that LED Strips Can Cause to Walls?

The benefit of the doubt that the lone mundane in the burning city finally makes sense as we discover there are millions of ways LED strips can damage his walls. The visions of those damages are brutal.

The paint on your wall will peel off with the adhesive tape leaving the bare walls speechless. LED strips will leave remains of their pre-usage on your walls like a permanent scar making perfect nests for spiders while constructing breeding grounds for dust particles.

The LED strips will rip off your heavenly wallpapers, publically humiliating your walls. Moreover, these LED lights have immense power to damage your walls by turning bright and happy colors of the walls into infinite depressive darkness.

Nevertheless, you must remember that the damage is not only to your dear wall; it can happen to any surface you decide to decorate if you do not do proper research before decorating.

How to Prevent Damage to Walls When Using LED Strips?

The method of prevention starts before the damage is done. Thus, you must be super cautious about the type of wall you will apply these strips.

Every surface type will not handle such an overlap of textures very positively. Therefore we must acknowledge that these LED strips would not affect walls that are smashing smooth, tiled, or even mirrored. Even if you notice excess adhesive, wiping them off on those fences will be easier.

However, if wallpapers are installed, it will be better to use something other than LED strips as your choice of decoration. Furthermore, you should avoid installing the strips if your walls are unpainted or unprimed, as the adhesive pressure could damage or tear apart pieces of your unprotected walls.

While doing so, you should clear and clean the surfaces before installing the strips, as the remains of dust particles will cause trouble to your walls.

How to Remove LED Strips Without Damaging the Walls?

The damages can also be prevented by being careful with the removal process, where you should be tranquil. The removal procedure consists of several steps as it is the most vulnerable state of these strips.

If these strips are in a higher position, you must request the aid of a ladder because the absence of a ladder will make you regret your life decisions. First, you must unplug your LED strips from electricity if you do not want a free hair blowout with a bonus death wish.

Then you can slowly apply heat to the underneath part of the strip to soften the glue using a hair dryer, and after that, gently peel the strip, starting from a corner that feels comfortable to you.

The last step of this exact procedure must be drying out the LED strips to be reused. This treasured advice will lead the lone mundane into a world of light.

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