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Tesla Phone Key Not Working – Solving the Mystery!

Tesla always tries to give the ultimate automobile experience for its customers by developing its technology. Now it is possible to keep your Tesla key in your smartphone so you can easily lock and unlock your car. Anyways, technical bugs are everywhere, so what should you do when your Tesla key does not work? Today, the aim of our discussion is to reveal to you the reasons behind a faulty phone key and the solutions you can try to solve it. If you are a Tesla owner, do not wait until you get into trouble. Collect the knowledge from this blog post.

How does the Tesla Phone Key Function? 

Tesla phone key is the feature that helps the owners to lock and unlock the car using their Tesla mobile phone application. First, you need to add the key to your Tesla app.

When the phone is set up as the key, it can communicate with your Tesla model via Bluetooth. So, when you move closer to the car, its sensors can detect your device’s Bluetooth signals. Then it acts out according to your orders.

If the door handle is pulled, the door will unlock. And there is a feature called Walk-Away Door Lock; if you have enabled it, the doors will lock automatically when you leave the car.

What could Cause the Tesla Phone Key to Stop Working? 

These are the major causes of your Tesla phone key not working.

  1. Pairing Issues – if you have not enabled Bluetooth on the phone, the phone key does not work. This is the first thing you need to pay attention because the connection of the key is totally based on Bluetooth.
  2. Pending Update – it is vital to have the latest version of the Tesla app. If you still work with an older version, there might be some glitches, including some failures of the Tesla phone key.
  3. Airphone Mode is On – if you have activated airphone mode on your phone, it is unable to sync with your automobile.
  4. Log Out from the App – if you have logged out from the Tesla app by chance, the key will not work. Until the pairing is done, you should log into the app on your device.

How do I Get My Tesla Key to Work

How do I Get My Tesla Key to Work? 

According to the above situations we discussed, you need to follow these instructions to make your key work.

  1. Enable Bluetooth – you should check whether Bluetooth has been enabled to pair the key and car. According to your mobile phone, the range of Bluetooth can vary. So having known it, make the connection. 
  2. Update the Tesla Application – always keep your Tesla app up-to-date. Even if you have enabled Bluetooth, the devices will not pair due to a system requirement. So, check whether there is a pending update in App Store or Play Store. 
  3. Turn Off Airphone Mode – For synchronization, you should keep the airphone mode turned off. Then the phone key can communicate with the car. 
  4. Keep Logged In to the App – make sure to keep logged in to Tesla app on your device. If the key does not respond, log out from the app and log in after a while. If there are bugs in your devices, you may have to re-install the Tesla app too.

Can you Drive Tesla without a Phone Key? 

If you do not use a Tesla phone key, there are two options for you. They are the key card and key fob.

The key fob is a small case that is designed with a button to press for locking and unlocking purposes. Moreover, it can be used to open the rear truck as well.

If you prefer to use the Tesla key card, you should locate it underneath the autopilot camera, which is placed on the door pillar of the driver’s side. You need to tap the key card against the card reader.

How Can I Ensure that My Tesla Phone Key is Properly Connected and Paired with the Vehicle? 

If you want to ensure that your phone key is connected to the vehicle, follow these steps. You can use the Tesla Priority Device feature to check this.

  1. Go to the ‘Controls’ tab on the screen.
  2. Secondly, you should select ‘Locks.’
  3. There will be the name of your Tesla account with the driver profile. Check whether the key has associated with the relevant profile.
  4. If the vehicle is associated with the wrong one, click on the correct user icon.

How Do I Sync My Tesla Phone Key? 

If you have enabled Bluetooth in your device, the device will automatically sync. But you should turn off the airphone mode on your phone.

When the airphone mode is on, the phone will not sync with the vehicle’s system. And also, you should stay within the Bluetooth range; otherwise, you will not be able to pair the device and vehicle.

How to Reset the Tesla Phone Key to Resolve Any Connectivity Issues? 

If you face connectivity issues, you might have to go for a reset. Resetting can be explained in 2 stages. Sometimes, it will be enough to log out of the app and re-login. Sometimes, you may have to delete the app, re-install it and log in to your account again. Anyways, you should follow the below-mentioned procedure after you log out.

  • Use your username and password to log into your Tesla account.
  • Enable the general Bluetooth settings of your phone. Remember that Bluetooth can be enabled in the smartphone’s settings for the Tesla application. Thus, you have to go to settings and select the Tesla app.
  • When you open the Tesla app in the settings tab, you can choose the ‘Location’ tab. Secondly, tap on ‘Always.’ If you want to avoid any interference, it is recommended to let the app run in the background.
  • Go to the vehicle’s touchscreen and select ‘Controls.’ Then choose ‘Safety’ in the list. Eventually, you should select ‘Allow Mobile Access.’
  • Now go to the Tesla mobile app on your phone again and select ‘Set Up Phone Key.’ Then there will be prompts on the screen. Follow them in order to set the key.

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