where is the reset button on tcl tv

TCL TV Reset Button: How to Locate and Use It Effectively?

TCL TVs have no different from other TV brands in having a physical button & reset lever on the rear or bottom of each TV. Yet, occasionally you can have trouble locating it, or you could fail to discover it in your model. Where is the Reset Button on TCL TV?

Discover how to fast reset the factory settings on a TCL Television regardless of the button as well as where it is located. This will eliminate any recalcitrant bugs, allowing you to continue viewing your preferred television shows and films without interruptions.

Why Would you Need to Reset Your TCL TV?

By clearing up the junk and resetting your TV, you may avoid sign-in issues, halfway freezing, as well as inaccessible services. Restarting your TV will start it from scratch and prevent numerous tasks from conflicting with one another.

If your TV is giving you trouble, you might wish to do a reset to factory settings and start again. In order to remove all of the former owner’s preferences if you purchased the TV from them, you must factory reset it.

A factory restart will typically resolve your TV’s Wi-Fi connectivity issues. You could require a factory reset when the TV abruptly shuts off or separates from streaming sites.

The software, as well as versions in smart Televisions, occasionally need to be updated. You ought to do a factory reset on the TV if it recently received an automated update and started acting up.

What is the Reset Button on TCL TV?

The television might experience a condition where you are unable to access any of the options, even the selection from the menu that allows you to do a factory reset.

In that case, pressing the Reset button will cause the TV to restart.

The TV is restored to its unique brand-new condition after a factory reset. All saved personal information about your preferences, internet connections, Roku information, and choices from the menu will be erased if you conduct a factory reset.

Under the TV connection panel, push and hold the tiny, circular reset button while holding a straight paperclip or a writing instrument in place.

Where is the Reset Button Located on TCL TV?

The television’s rear has a reset button. The TCL Television may be reset without requiring a remote by looking for the reset knob on the exterior of the device. Close to the connecting panel, it is situated.

Depending on the make and model, a TCL TV may have a different place for the reset button. The button for resetting is often found on the TV’s rear, adjacent to the inputs or power connections. The reset button, however, could be located on the TV’s sides or bottom in certain more recent models.

You can get further assistance from our customer service staff if you can’t find the button to reset.

Where is the reset button located on TCL TV?

How to Reset TCL TV Without a Reset Button?

Take care to follow these instructions.

  • Before pressing the Home key on the handheld control, switch on the TCL TV.
  • Next, locate and choose Settings from the top menu.
  • You’ll see a menu on your TCL TV. “More Settings/System” may be found and chosen within the menu that appears.
  • Following that, press OK after selecting the more advanced Network Settings/Device Configuration choice.
  • Scroll through until you reach the bottom of the screen, where the “Reset” button may be found. Click OK after selecting it.
  • “Cancel” as well as “Factory Data Reset” are the only options available on the display. Select option two, then go forward.
  • After that, choose Erase All.
  • There will be a pop-up box asking for the pin number. Then select OK after entering your television’s pin. On TCL Televisions, the initial pin code remains 1234.
  • The TCL Television is going to power up again. The TV setup procedure will then need to be restarted.

How to Reset TCL TV Using the Reset Button?

Let’s go through how to reset the television. The procedures listed below can be used to restart the TV forcibly.

  • Push the hidden RESET button in the TV connection panel while holding it down with a stretched paperclip or fountain pen.
  • For around 12 seconds, keep pressing the RESET key. The status indicator illuminates dimly once the reset cycle is finished.
  • Pull back on the RESET key. The TV is currently turned off.
  • Start Guided Setup after turning on the TV.

As soon as the TCL TV symbol shows on the display, don’t press the reset button. It’s OK to let go after the logo displays.

Keep in mind that rebooting the TCL TV will remove all of your customized settings and return it to its standard factory settings.

If it’s necessary to turn to the TV’s handbook throughout the setup procedure, keep the model ID or book close at hand.

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What Happens When you Reset TCL TV?

The TV is restored to its original, brand-new condition after a factory reset. All saved personal information about your settings, connected networks, Roku information, and menu selections will be erased if you complete a factory reset.

After finishing, you must restart the recommended setup process by re-linking the Roku consideration, authenticating to the World Wide Web, and re-loading the live streaming stations. You need to do the channel scans, input established, and antenna TV settings again if necessary.

Prior to doing a hard reset on your TCL smart TV, we urge you to conduct a soft reset. In case you were unaware, a factory reset would erase all of the information and applications on your device. Bear in mind that the software for TCL TVs calls for a little extra caution while doing a hard reset.

A system reset will erase all of the television’s files and settings, including Wi-Fi and hardwired network configuration knowledge, account and additional login details, and any loaded applications.

How Often Should you Reset your TCL TV?

Televisions today do a lot more tasks than they once did, so they, too, want a vacation from time to time. A minimum of once each month, you must reset your connected television.

The majority of issues with your TCL Roku television may be resolved by resetting it, particularly when there are software difficulties. A factory reset puts your smart TV back in its original configuration, which can enhance its overall efficiency. The following conditions necessitate a TCL Roku TV reset.

  • When starting an application or function, a black screen appears.
  • The speed of your smart TV has significantly decreased.
  • An application often crashes or makes mistakes.
  • Too many programs or delayed bootup are both problems.
  • You’ve put in a faulty firmware upgrade.

It is occasionally required to reset your TCL Roku TV, particularly when suffering firmware and performance concerns. You may want to think about resetting the TCL Roku TV if you have encountered one or more of the aforementioned issues.

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