what does two check marks mean on Tinder

What Do Two Check Marks Mean on Tinder Messages? [Updated]

So, you sent the message to the dream person and are curious to know whether the recipient has read it? If you see two blue color check marks on your Tinder message it does say that your message is successfully delivered to the intended person. But, did they read it?

What Does Two Check Marks Mean on Tinder? 

Two blue-colored check marks on Tinder messages say that your message has been delivered to the recipient. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person at the other end has read it.

Well, by just looking at the two check marks on Tinder you cannot say whether they have read the message. You need to turn on “read receipts” to find out if the message is read or not.

If you want to know whether he or she has read the message, you can click on the double-blue checkmark under the particular message. After you click on it, you will be asked to activate read receipts by paying the relevant price.

How to Tell If Someone Has Read Your Message on Tinder?

You need to activate Tinder “Read Receipts” to know if someone has read your message. Once you activate the Read Receipts feature on Tinder, you can see if the message you sent is read by the recipient and the time they read. 

How to Activate Tinder Read Receipts Feature?

Tinder Read Receipts is a premium feature and to activate it, simply click on the two blue check marks of the message that you want to see if the recipient has read it or not. Then Tinder will ask you to activate the “Read Receipts” feature by purchasing it in packs. 

Another way of activating Tinder Receipts is by navigating to Settings on the Tinder app > Read Receipts > Purchase Read Receipts > Enable.

How Much Does Tinder Read Receipts Cost?

Tinder Read Receipts come in packs and the following is a brief explanation of the cost of it.

To check only one message – around $0.99

5 Pack of Read Receipts – $3.99 (to check one Tinder message it will cost you around $0.80)

10 Pack of Read Receipts – $5.99 (to check one Tinder message it will cost you around $0.60)

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