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How To Turn Off Autoplay On Peacock? Take Control

The Peacock streaming video network offers a huge collection of TV series, films, and sports entertainment. The site offers a unique autoplay function that, when a TV show’s present episode finishes, immediately begins the next. Some users, however, decided not to find this function helpful and disabled autoplay. How to turn off autoplay on Peacock?

We’ll discuss the ways to disable autoplay for Peacock on every gadget in today’s post, along with more questions that are connected.

Peacock Autoplay Settings: What Are They?

Unfortunately, there is no option on Peacock TV to turn off the autoplay function. You may attempt a few ways to get past this problem, though. Some customers noted that the autoplay option occasionally picks a movie or TV show that they already own or would never pick on their own.

Another problem is that after users finish an entire series or all of its available seasons, Peacock occasionally changes to an entirely new show. They want to turn off the autoplay with Peacock TV because of this.

Why Should I Disable Peacock’s Autoplay?

The autoplay option in Peacock may be useful to certain users, but others may choose to turn it off for a variety of reasons. One user could like discretion over what transpires when they watch, whilst another would choose to refrain from binge-watching a series on television constantly.

Users who wish to save data or who have a slow internet connection might benefit from turning down autoplay. It will automatically switch to a different program after you complete an episode or all of its available parts. The next morning, you may find that six or seven programs were downloaded if you want to doze off while watching TV. Being able to turn it out would be ideal.

Additionally, you lose a ton of bandwidth because the stream will continue to keep going till you awaken up in another eight hours. There aren’t any peacock automatic playback options, so the only option is to just hit “Cancel” while the end titles are playing.

This might come in handy when you’re conscious because it stops Peacock from automatically choosing the following episode of a program or always choosing a movie or television show which you’ve already watched or would never pick. However, the “Cancel” button is ineffective when you are asleep.

Why Should I Disable Peacock's Autoplay?

How To Turn Off Autoplay On Peacock?

Employing the Autoplay Block Chrome Extension.

When utilizing the Chrome browser on a PC or Mac to access Peacock, you may use Autoplay Stopper to prevent Peacock from automatically playing the following episode. With this freeware add-on, popular video streaming sites like Youtube, Peacock, Nexflix, HBO MAX, and Instagram, among others, will begin to post AutoPlay.

However, this add-on is solely compatible with the Chrome website; the Brave browser, Microsoft Edge, as well as Opera browsers all support Chrome extensions.

Create a sleep timer

These recommendations pertain to anyone who uses a Roku TV to stream HBO Max as well as Peacock. Roku goes into unconscious mode and halts movie playback with a sleep timeout.

Access Settings.

Press System.

Access the sleep timer.

The timer may be adjusted to 30 or 3 hours.

To save electricity, Roku also features an option that automatically turns off the device.

Access Settings.

Choose System.

Choose power.

Simply choose Auto energy savings.

Go to the “Turn off after 4 hours” menu. You may only select this alternative.

A sleep timer option is typically included in the newest TV models, especially Smart TVs. The TV will enter a state of sleep and stop broadcasting when its sleep timer expires. The movies that are presently running will cease if you utilize Chromecast or an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Access Settings.

Press General.

Opt for System Manager.

Decide on Time Clock.

A timer can be set here for any duration between 30 and 180 minutes.

You may also decide If you would like your TV to be switched off at a specific time, switch off the timer.

Although they are settings for a Samsung Smart TV, there shouldn’t be much of a difference between them and other TV types.

Utilizing a mobile device to play Peacock requires setting the sleep clock to halt autoplay. Digital Wellbeing, as well as Clock Timer are both available for Android.

On a smartphone with Android, set the alarm to fall asleep for the Peacock

Access Settings. Look up “Digital Wellbeing.”

Toggle to the App timers option under Digital Wellbeing.

Install the Peacock application, then start the timer.

When the timer goes off, Peacock will not be able to keep playing.

Set an iPhone sleeping timer for the Peacock

The iPhone sleeping timer cannot be used with specific apps, but it’s able to halt all phone usage after a set period of time.

Open the Clock app, then select the timer.

To establish a timer, select the When Timer Ends option.

Select “Set,” then check the box for Stop Playing.

All of the aforementioned fixes are only more methods for getting Peacock to halt auto-play. Due to the overwhelming demand for this functionality, Peacock may eventually introduce a setting that allows users to disable autoplay.

How Do I Disable Peacock’s Autoplay Feature Using Restrictions Set Up On My Device?

If none of the suggestions above help to disable Peacock’s autoplay characteristic, you might think about putting a limitation in place if you’ve got a device.

On phones operating the most recent version of Android, a built-in tool keeps tabs on how often you use your smartphone and tells you what activities take up the majority of your time. You may access this function by going to Settings and selecting Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls.

Utilizing Digital Wellbeing, you may set app limitations. When an application’s daily time restriction has expired, its icon becomes gray, meaning that you can no longer access it.

Android will additionally suspend the app’s notifications so that you won’t be tempted to remove the limitation when you receive an unread letter or comment.

Activate Digital Wellbeing to restrict the use of an app. Next, pick the Peacock app from the list of apps on the Dashboard that you wish to restrict.

By choosing the App Timer choice, you may customize your daily allowance by entering the precise amount of time that’s needed to view your favorite show or movie. To complete the action, click the OK box.

This is a clever technique to disable Peacock’s autoplay function, as Digital Wellbeing will shut down the application immediately as the film is finished and preventing the autoplay function from operating.

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