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How To Track A Samsung Galaxy S5? Tips to Locate Your Samsung Device

How to track a Samsung Galaxy S5? Google offers a feature similar to Apple’s Find My iPhone called the Android Device Manager that customers should be aware of. Although it has been there for a long, it was eventually upgraded last year with sufficient functionality to warrant discussion. A lost device can be located inside a user’s home or on another side of the city.

This article is your best source for information on finding and tracking your cherished equipment. Our detailed instructions will guide you through finding your device quickly and effectively, whether misplaced in the couch cushions or left behind in a busy café.

Can You Track A Lost Samsung Galaxy S5?

With Android Device Manager, users can find their Galaxy S5 and, if necessary, remotely wipe and delete all their home data and information. The Android Device. These are crucial for protecting your information. To activate your Galaxy S5, download the official Android Device Manager app from the Google Play Store.

After installation, you should launch the program to learn more about the Android Device Manager. Then, to set up everything, click the “Setup Lock & Erase” option below. On a computer, users can also get started and set up by visiting

This will immediately start the ADM service, allowing you to browse your list of devices. You can name your Galaxy S5, find out where it is, or, as previously indicated, wipe all of its data here. If you have multiple devices, simply go down the list and let the ADM handle everything. You may track your Galaxy S5 by using the Android smartphone Manager on another smartphone or from a computer. Simply choose it from the selection to locate it.

You’ll need the Galaxy S5, I’m looking for my Google Play Edition Galaxy S4. You’re all set after the Android Device Manager utilizes GPS to track the location, which is frequently accurate to a few feet.The lost or stolen smartphone will be tracked for you from this point on using the GPS find button.

Google advises customers to call the police instead than attempting to find a lost smartphone on their own.It would be a prudent move to try to recover a stolen smartphone with the assistance of a law enforcement officer.

What If I Find My Mobile On Samsung Devices?

You can go to the area and reclaim your mobile device if you are close to the place indicated on the tracking service and feel it is safe. Make sure you prioritize your safety and take the required safeguards. It’s safer to contact your local law enforcement and provide them with the device’s position if the area is unknown or you suspect it was stolen.

They can help you find your gadget while still keeping you secure. You can remotely lock your device or execute a factory reset through the tracking service if you cannot physically collect it right away or if you think it might be in the possession of an unauthorized person. This can shield your private information and stop unauthorized access.

What If I Find My Mobile On Samsung Devices?


How To Track A Samsung Galaxy S5?

If your Galaxy S5 has SmartThings Find enabled and you have a Samsung account, you can utilize this service to find your misplaced device.

  • Open the SmartThings app on a different Samsung device or get a different one by downloading it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Use your Samsung account credentials to log in.
  • Select “Locate” to search for your stolen S5. Your gadget will display its location on a map if it is online and connected.

Can I Track My Samsung Phone By IMEI Number?

You can track your phone using its IMEI number.Everyone is constantly hunting for free goods. Human nature dictates that. We desire something gratuitous. To trace their phone, most users search for “Track phone using IMEI online free” on Google. Yes, you can track your phone for free using its IMEI number.

The IMEI number makes monitoring your smartphone simple, regardless of whether it is an itel, TECNO, Infinix, iPhone, Samsung, or another model. To discourage thieves from utilizing the device, they could be able to block it, banning its use on their network or any other collaborating networks.

Some third-party IMEI tracing services assert they can locate stolen or misplaced devices. These services might not be as reliable or efficient as the official tracking options provided by law police or mobile providers, though.

It’s vital to keep in mind that using an official monitoring service, like Google’s Find My Device or Samsung’s Find My Mobile, which combines GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data for exact position tracking, may provide more real-time and accurate tracking of a phone than using its IMEI number alone.

When looking for a lost or stolen phone, putting your safety first is essential. Law enforcement should be contacted instead of attempting to reclaim the device on your own. Then, you should follow their instructions on how to continue safely.

Keep in mind to enable features on your phone like “Find My Device” (for Android devices) or “Find My Mobile” (for Samsung devices) since these official monitoring services offer more accurate and rapid tracking capabilities.

The operation of IMEI tracing software is quite straightforward. The most well-known are:

  • Mobile Security by Avast
  • Find my device with IMEI tracking
  • Find My Device on Google
  • GeoZilla

Most IMEI monitoring software is available for free download (though some may offer optional in-app purchases), but some require a paid membership after the first free trial time has passed.

Can I Find My Samsung If It’s Off?

The Find My Mobile function on Samsung devices can now function even when the device is offline. You could still be able to locate your phone even if, for example, someone stole it and disabled the WiFi and data antennas.

The ability to scan the area for other Samsung Galaxy devices means that neighboring smartphones and tablets can assist with offline tracking. Although Samsung is notifying customers of the choice through a push notification, you will need to manually turn it on.

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