the number you have dialed is unallocated

The Number You Have Dialed Is Unallocated | 16 Reasons and Fixes

When you attempt to call someone urgently and receive the message “the number you have dialed is unallocated” from the other end, it can be both puzzling and frustrating.

In this article, we will explain why you might encounter the unallocated phone number voice message and provide some solutions to resolve the “dialed number is unallocated” message. We know you are in a hurry; let’s get started without further ado.

What Does ‘The Number You Have Dialed Is Unallocated’ Mean? 

The message “The number you have dialed is unallocated” means that the phone number you’re trying to call isn’t connected to an active network. The unallocated phone number voice message often gets because of dialing errors, disconnected phone lines, or phone numbers that have never been assigned before.

Simply put, if you come across this message when trying to make a phone call, it says the number is not allocated and does not have an owner. 

Reasons For “Dialed Number is Unallocated” Message When Making A Call

These are the potential causes of receiving the message of an unallocated number when you make a phone call. 

  1. Typing Mistakes
  2. Disconnected Lines
  3. Deactivated Services
  4. Non-Existent Numbers
  5. Number Porting
  6. Network Issues
  7. International Calling
  8. Scammers
  9. Privacy Settings
  10. Roaming and Coverage
  11. Number Recycled
  12. Temporary Outages
  13. Phone Account Suspension
  14. Administrative Errors
  15. Call Routing Issues
  16. Caller ID Spoofing

Typing mistakes

Typing errors are common. Before blaming anyone, check whether you have misplaced digit or incorrect area code, which can lead to “dialed number is unallocated” message.

Disconnected Lines

The phone number you’re calling may have been disconnected by the person you call, due to various personal matters.

Deactivated Service

If the person you are trying to call has not paid their bill or requested a temporary suspension of service, their number might not be reachable and you would end up with the number you have dialed is unallocated message.

Non-Existent Number

This occurs when the number you dialed has never been assigned to any user or service. This can happen due to typing errors as well as miscommunication of the number.

Number Porting

When someone changes the service provider but wish to retain their old phone number, there might be a brief period during the transfer where the number appears unallocated till the system change is completed. 

Network Issues

Temporary network problems, such as congestion or maintenance, can disrupt calls and lead to the unallocated phone number message.

International Calling

Errors in international dialing codes or incorrect formatting can result in the call not going through. So, verify the location that you contact lives.


Scammers often use unallocated numbers (also fake phone numbers) to hide their identity during fraudulent activities, making it more challenging to trace them. So, calling back such numbers can lead to unallocated phone number error.

Privacy Settings

Perhaps the user you try to connect might have configured their phones to reject calls from certain numbers, which can trigger this message if your number is on that list.

Roaming and Coverage

When traveling internationally, you may experience “dialed number is unallocated” message if your service provider does not have roaming agreements.

Number Recycled

In some cases, a previously unallocated number might have been recycled and assigned to a new user, but this information hasn’t been updated in the phone system.

Temporary Outages

Localized or temporary outages in the recipient’s network or the network you are using can result in this message.

Phone Account Suspension

The recipient’s phone account might be suspended for reasons like non-payment or violation of terms of service.

Administrative Errors

Occasionally, administrative errors within the phone service provider’s database can cause a number to appear as unallocated erroneously.

Call Routing Issues

Problems with the call routing system, either on your provider’s end or the recipient’s, can lead to this message.

Caller ID Spoofing

In cases of malicious intent, the caller may intentionally manipulate the caller ID to display an unallocated number, attempting to deceive or hide their identity.

How to fix The Number You Have Dialed Is Unallocated Message?

If you are the one who is calling, in order to fix “the dialed number is unallocated” message, check whether you have correctly typed the destination phone number. If you are the owner of the number, the best thing to fix “unallocated number” is to contact the customer help of the service provider and inform the issue. In addition, you can always try cleaning your sim card, resetting or rebooting your device to see if that helps. 

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