If You Delete a Message on Discord Does It Unsend

If You Delete a Message on Discord Does It Unsend? – Guide

Due mainly to its beneficial functions, Discord has become among the most widely used chat systems worldwide. Naturally, you could sometimes desire to retract your remarks from a conversation. You can have accidentally typed anything or spoken stuff you didn’t want to say since you didn’t finish composing your text before pressing enter. Regardless you might be thinking – if you delete a message on Discord, does it unsend? Would the recipient still have access to view the text once it gets deleted for them? This guide will cover all the related stuff regarding this feature.

Quick Summary: Deleting a message wipes it from all receivers on Discord. It implies that you will not have the ability to view it. It will become irreversible, and they won’t be capable of reading it anymore.

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Discord has numerous users because of its fantastic features. In contrast to many other sites, Discord allows consumers servers where they may communicate with pals. You got the choice to amend a text if you unintentionally send it to someone before you can complete composing. Modifying is preferable whenever you don’t wish for someone to be sceptical. Additionally, if you are concerned about whether the other party will be informed when you remove a text. So let’s look at if you delete a message on Discord, does it unsend?

If You Delete a Message on Discord, Does It Unsend? – Everything You Need to Know

Discord removes your texts from your inbox and the user’s inbox whenever you remove them. It would therefore seem as though you didn’t send the text. The receiver cannot recover the communications, and they won’t be capable of being read by them. The contacts will also get destroyed on your end, and if you haven’t taken a snapshot, you won’t be able to view them.

Before clicking the “Delete Text” option, transfer the text to your notepad if you require a backup. By selecting “Edit Text” rather than “Delete Text,” you can modify the message rather than erase it. Doing so would open a message duplicate for you to edit or add to. Individuals might inquire regarding a message’s deletion if they notice it on an open server. Consequently, if you delete a message on Discord, does it unsend, or even amending your message might aid in reducing skepticism.


Discord has decided not to send alerts to protect your confidentiality when using some site features. When you remove a message you delivered to someone else’s DM, Discord doesn’t notify them. The other individual will still be capable of seeing that you erased a communication, though. They would’ve noticed that the communications you delivered are gone if they had been online when you removed them. Additionally, suppose a user is not active when you remove the texts. In that case, they won’t be aware of it until they access your conversations.

In reality, if someone was utilizing a notification storing program, they could still read it even after the notification gets erased. The software would still preserve a duplicate of the notice that could get seen even if it gets removed a few moments later. This method, compatible with Discord, too, has been utilized to view undelivered messages on Fb. Or, if you configure it in that manner, notifications for a few applications are minimal. Essentially, these applications back up every solitary alert on your smartphone.

In other words, if you quickly erase your text, someone who uses a notification skimmer may still see it. The employment of this sort of software is uncommon. Therefore, if you promptly erased the text, you may be relatively sure that the other individual most probably didn’t see that.

Alternative Chat Platforms

Discord is practical and enables it simple to build vibrant groups. Still, there are alternative talking applications out now that are safer. So, you might want to look at a different application to ensure your chats are entirely confidential. The safest applications

  • Are end-to-end protected as a whole?
  • In notifications, don’t display the information.
  • They are accessible and have undergone third-party auditing to guarantee they’re safe for usage.
  • And texts that could be auto-expired or unsent upon the desire of necessity.

Signal, Wire, and Wickr are a few applications that satisfy most of these criteria. Similarly, the ease of use and the degree to which Discord gets ingrained in society contribute to its greatness. Most of the individuals you wish to talk to probably already possess it. But the preceding solutions are wonderful if you require more security.

Procedure for Deleting Messages

For several consumers, deleting conversations on Discord has proven to be complicated. Based on the texts you want to erase, it might be simple or challenging to delete them from the site. Before going any further, you must realize that you cannot remove Discord texts you never sent, as you’re not the moderator. However, you can remove other people’s messages if you run the server. Direct texts are exempt from this rule. Discord lets you remove communications you’ve sent to a specific individual. When you perform it one at a time, deleting texts is simple.

  • Open Discord on your PC.
  • Select the text you wish to remove and access the appropriate channel or DM.
  • Hover your cursor over the text you wish to remove.
  • Select the dots symbol.
  • When a choice appears, select Erase Text at the bottom.

The above methods are effective when you want to remove texts one at a time.

Bottom Line

When you remove a message on Discord, everybody else sees it disappear. Anyone who wants to view it won’t be able to retrieve it since it would be entirely gone. Naturally, the memories won’t get miraculously erased from people’s brains. Several consumers also have programs on their smartphones that save notifications so they may view deleted communications. So, if you remove a text, it is not assured to be delivered again.

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