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How to Turn Off Mentions on Discord? Avoid Unwanted Pings!

Navigating the bustling world of Discord, many users often find themselves asking, “How to turn off mentions on Discord?” You might want to avoid constant pings, maintain focus, or just create a more peaceful online space; then, controlling notifications comes into play. In this comprehensive guide, we will be discussing simple yet effective methods, from disabling “@everyone” mentions to adjusting personal notification settings. Tailored for both desktop and mobile users, these strategies ensure a smoother, distraction-free Discord experience. So, this discussion will be helpful for gamers, community members, or anyone seeking solace amidst digital chatter!

How to Turn Off Mentions on Discord?

To turn off mentions on Discord, you have to adjust notification settings specifically for mentions. This can be done both server-wide and for individual conversations, allowing for tailored control over the kind of mentions you receive.

Adhere to the below-mentioned procedure for managing mentions notifications.

  1. Access User Settings: Firstly, click on the user settings gear icon. You will find it near your username at the bottom left of the Discord interface.
  2. Navigate to Notifications: In the settings menu, find and select the ‘Notifications’ tab.
  3. Adjust Default Settings: Here, you can configure your default settings for server notifications. Then, you can choose between receiving all messages, only @mentions, or nothing.
  4. Manage Server-Specific Settings: If you wish to gain more control, you can adjust notifications for each server individually. In order to do that, right-click on the server icon and select ‘Notification Settings.’ Similar options are available here. For instance, you can select ‘@mentions only’ to receive notifications solely for direct mentions.
  5. Suppress @everyone and @here: Still, within these settings, you can also choose to suppress @everyone and @here mentions, which can be particularly useful if there are larger or more active servers.

Remember, turning off mentions doesn’t affect your ability to receive direct messages (DMs) or view messages in servers and channels; it merely controls the notifications prompting your attention.

Balancing notification preferences in such a way can help reduce unwanted interruptions while ensuring you don’t miss important messages.

This approach towards managing mentions effectively maintains a focus on user experience and personalization within Discord, so the platform’s user-centric design is secured.

How To Disable @Everyone on Discord Channels?

To disable @everyone on Discord channels, channel settings provide an option. Here is how you will reach it. 

  1. Go to Channel Settings: Right-click on the specific channel where you want to disable @everyone and select ‘Edit Channel.’
  2. Access Permissions Tab: In the channel settings, you should navigate to the ‘Permissions’ tab.
  3. Adjust for Roles or Members: Here, you can set specific permissions for each role or even individual members. Find the “Mention @everyone, @here, and All Roles” permission and set it to ‘X’ (deny) for the roles or members you wish to restrict.
  4. Confirm Changes: Save your adjustments, and then the desired settings will be applied to the channel.

Disabling @everyone is often used to prevent spam and maintain order in larger servers. However, there is one thing to remember! Server admins and users with specific permissions can still use @everyone despite these settings. 

How to Disable @Everyone on Discord Server?

To disable @everyone on the Discord server, you need to adjust permissions either server-wide or within specific channels. This ensures that members cannot use the @everyone mention to notify all users in the channel. 

Let us explain how to adjust settings on the Discord server. 

  1. Open Server Settings: Right-click on the server name and select ‘Server Settings.’
  2. Navigate to Roles: There will be an option called ‘Roles’ in the Server Settings menu; click on it. 
  3. Select a Role: Choose the role you want to modify (for general users, it’s often the default “@everyone” role).
  4. Adjust Permissions: Scroll down to the ‘Text Permissions’ section. Here, you’ll find an option labeled “Mention @everyone, @here, and All Roles.” Uncheck this box to disable the ability for users with that role to use @everyone in channels.
  5. Save Changes: Make sure to save your settings before exiting.

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