how to talk over a sound on tiktok without voiceover

How to Talk Over a Sound on TikTok without Voiceover? Unleashing Your Personality!

The world is forever changing, and social media always alternates according to the rest of the world. There we meet the newest member of social media. TikTok is an app that allows its users to store their videos and share them with an unlimited community worldwide. The app contains many features, one of which is the voiceover feature. However, if you are trying to be one of a kind creator, a trend maker rather than a mere follower, you will need to know how to talk over a sound on TikTok without voiceover.

Can you Talk Over a Sound on TikTok without Using the Voiceover Feature?

Now as a regular TikTok user or as a social media influencer whose main platform, you will be wondering whether it is possible to talk over sounds on TikTok without using the voiceover feature in TikTok as you are tired of being a mere follower. Thus the simplest and the easiest answer to this burning question is YES. You can talk over a sound on TikTok without using the voiceover feature. There are many methods to accomplish this goal. These methods include,

  • Utilization of voice effects on TikTok
  • Addition of exterior soundtrack without using the voiceover method.
  • Using the built-in editor to mute the soundtracks of TikTok.
  • Using third-party apps that allow you to add external soundtracks over your TikTok video, like iMovie.

You can use the following two methods and those presented under those methods to accomplish your end goal as a successful influencer in TikTok.

What are the Benefits of Talking Over a Sound on TikTok without Voiceover?

When you try to be different from most TikTok users, there is a big risk of having to endure any cons that it will give you. Also, on the brighter side, being different means there will be many more benefits coming your way as well. As a social media influencer choosing to stand out by utilizing an original soundtrack over the typical voiceover feature will make you the black sheep of the social media world.

However, while you become the black sheep among the other influencers, users will embrace you as an icon that uses clever and unique marketing strategies to uplift your brand. Therefore this will make you and your brand an icon throughout the TikTok app as you choose to be different.

Moreover, you may invent a new trend inside the app, which dozens of tiktokers and regular users will follow.

How to Overlay your Voice on a TikTok Sound without Voiceover?

We will now dive deep into the question “how” as we provide you the ways of overlaying your voice on TikTok sounds without using the initial voiceover feature that comes to your mind. The methods of doing so are,

  • Utilizing the built-in editor to mutate the sound on the video you are working on.
  • You can also use other apps like Splice, iMovie, or Adobe Rush to add exterior soundtracks or music to your current video.
  • Utilization of other social media tools like instagram hyper-lapse or Boomerang to create looping videos to overlap your video’s audio.
  • Moreover, you can use VocoPro or Voice Labs to record another sound to overlay on the TikTok original sound.
  • Furthermore, you can send the unfinished videos to one of your friends so that they can record sound over the existing sound from their accounts.
  • You can also use the volume controllers to control the background or the existing sounds while you add the recorded sound.
  • You can also add voice effects to your recorder soundtrack to make it funnier or to give it some depth.

How Do I Mute TikTok Voiceover?

As we mentioned earlier, it is another option to mute your TikTok original TikTok audio as a solution to talk over a sound on TikTok without using the feature of voiceover.

Therefore it is very crucial to know how to execute these options properly. You can press on the option that says “replace an original sound with recording,” which will be visional at the bottom of the screen.

Through this method, only the original sound of TikTok will remain. However, even if you do this, you can still add music through the “add sound” option.

Can you Adjust the Sound’s Volume Levels and your Voice When Talking Over a TikTok Sound?

Another option we mentioned earlier is adjusting the volume situation of the original audio of the tiktok. Thus it will be advisable to comprehend how to adjust the volume situation of the audio beforehand you enter the editing part of your created tiktok. Hence, it will be easier for you to edit and release your video confidently. However, here is how you adjust the volume of the soundtrack of your tik tok.

  • First of all, you must take the video into the editing process.
  • Then you have to navigate yourself into the voiceover option, which will be visible in the corner, and press it.
  • Then select the correct voiceover and adjust the volumes through the voice controls that appear.
  • Furthermore, you can add voice and other audio effects through this obtained screen.

How to Enhance the Quality of your Voice When Talking Over a TikTok Sound?

Now we will have to polish the solutions and options discussed earlier. Therefore we will be giving you some reasonable advice that you could follow to fine-tune your TikTok game.

  • Plan what you intend to say beforehand, and if you are doing a bigger project that will uplift your brand in TikTok, consider sketching out what you will say in the video.
  • Moreover, reduce using voice effects if you are trying to discuss something that means a lot to you. That will help your audience, and the voice effect could make you look like a fraud on the online social media platform.
  • Make sure you don’t stutter in the middle and speak clearly and loud enough so the audience understands that you have made a genuine effort to deliver this video.

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