how to see deleted discord messages

How to See Deleted Discord Messages? (Step-by-Step Guide)

“How to see deleted Discord messages?” In case you have mistakenly deleted your Discord messages, you might also be seeking the answer to this question. Whether you’re using desktop, mobile, or relying on plugins, the quest to recover these lost snippets of conversations is a common yet tricky endeavor. Thus, this discussion is based on practical methods which introduce necessary devices and tools. Discover how to unearth these hidden messages, and understand what happens to your digital trail after you hit delete. 

Can you View Deleted Discord Messages?

You cannot directly view deleted messages on Discord. Therefore, seeing deleted Discord messages on a desktop requires using third-party tools.

However, it’s important to exercise caution and respect privacy laws and Discord’s terms of service when considering third-party solutions.

Let’s see how these tools work. Third-party software often works by capturing and storing chat logs.

One such tool is a bot that monitors and records ongoing chat messages.

When a message is deleted, the bot’s log may still retain the original text.

However, employing such a bot necessitates server admin rights and ethical considerations regarding user privacy.

Apart from using a third-party tool, there is another indirect method.

You can check with other users who might have seen the message before deletion.

However, this approach heavily relies on the presence and willingness of other users to share information.

How to See Deleted Messages on Discord Using a Plugin?

To see deleted messages on Discord using a plugin, you are advised to use a third-party extension like BetterDiscord.

This recommended tool contains plugins designed for message tracking.

However, you are reminded that using third-party plugins can violate Discord’s Terms of Service and might compromise your account security. 

If you wish to use BetterDiscord for message tracking, this is the correct path. 

  1. Download BetterDiscord: First, visit the BetterDiscord website and download the version compatible with your system.
  2. Install BetterDiscord: Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. Ensure Discord is closed during installation.
  3. Plugin Selection: After installation, search for plugins like ‘MessageLoggerV2’ within the BetterDiscord community. Then, select a plugin known for reliability and positive user feedback.
  4. Installing the Plugin: After that, download the chosen plugin and place the plugin file in the BetterDiscord plugins folder, typically found at User Settings > Plugins in Discord.
  5. Activating the Plugin: Now, open Discord and go to User Settings. Then, click on Plugins, find the newly added plugin, and enable it.
  6. Using the Plugin: Once activated, the plugin should start tracking and displaying deleted messages. Deleted messages will be visible within a special section or overlay in Discord.

What to Consider When Using a Plugin to See Deleted Discord Messages

What to Consider When Using a Plugin to See Deleted Discord Messages?

Security and privacy should be the main consideration when you use a plugin to see deleted Discord messages. As we once mentioned, Discord also does not allow the use of such third-party tools due to security concerns. So, consider the following factors before you track old messages. 

  • Security and Privacy: Be cautious, as plugins can access your Discord data. Always prioritize your account security. 
  • Legal and Ethical Compliance: Remember that tracking deleted messages might raise ethical questions and legal issues.
  • Regular Updates: It is vital to keep the plugin updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of Discord.

Accordingly, using plugins to access deleted messages should be done with a thorough understanding of potential risks and consequences, including the possibility of violating Discord’s policies.

Does Deleting a Discord Account Delete Messages? 

No, deleting your Discord account does not automatically delete the messages you’ve sent. They will remain visible in the servers or personal messages where they were posted.

We can identify two types of messages on the platform. Here is what happens to them after an account deletion. 

  1. Server Messages: Messages sent in server channels continue to appear with a “Deleted User” tag replacing your username.
  2. Direct Messages: Similar to server messages, direct messages (DMs) also remain accessible to the recipient, but your profile details will show as “Deleted User.”

Thereforeif you wish to remove your messages, you must delete them manually before deleting your account. And remember that once an account is deleted, it’s usually irreversible, making any unsaved data, including messages, permanently out of the user’s control. Whereas Discord may retain some data for legal or security reasons, even after account deletion, as stated in their privacy policy.

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