how to fix led wall if it is broken

How to Fix LED Wall If It is Broken? (Step-by-Step Guide)

The novel world is a full assemblage of modern technologies enabling people to enjoy a newer day with newer life templates filled with laminating LED glares. Thus, the concept of LED walls has been spreading worldwide, which was limited to cinemas and movie halls earlier. However, with the expansion of the idea and the utilization of LED walls, many things changed in industries like interior and exterior architecture. However, like any other technical device, LED walls are also a device that is highly prone to damage and even complete destruction over time. Therefore, knowing how to fix an LED wall if it is broken is vital. This article will discuss this, starting from the initial introduction to LED walls.

What is an LED Wall?

An LED wall is a large wall designed and made with LEDs (Light-emitting diodes), capable of exhibiting different types of visual content. Thus, it could become a movie theatre with any visual content source you want on a wall made of LEDs.

This method is a peculiar and popular procedure of using Graphics in the source of LEDs. These walls are famous for their consistent production of a sentiment portraying massive glaring walls without any seaming junction, which helps improve the vision more.

These walls were initially used as outdoor digital signage, which started as a monochrome. However, with the invention of the RGB color scheme, LED walls have also become pioneers in many interior and exterior architectures.

What Causes the LED Wall to Stop Working?

There are many root causes behind the damages that can be done to an LED wall, some of which are,

Natural causes can vary greatly with the unlimited conditions that nature holds. If the wall on which you have installed the LED is filled with extra humidity and moisture, it will mess up the interior circuits of the LED. Moreover, wind can cause serious damage to LED walls.

Most often, LED walls that are used in outdoor concerts have the potential to fall over the audience with heavy wind. Rain causes damage to any electric device.

LEDs are electric devices through which the LED walls are created. Thus, with this wall’s heavy electrical usage, they are very susceptible to damage very easily.

Most often, many issues come from connection problems as well. Suppose you are connecting the wall to a YouTube video; if the connection is unstable, the wall is more open to more damage.

How Do We Identify a Malfunctioning LED Wall?

Identification of malfunctioning in an LED wall can be done by comprehending the following symptoms before things get messy.

  • Dead Pixels
  • Burn ins
  • Lines across the screen
  • Discoloration
  • Flicked screen

The dead pixels can be a result of a production procedure that is done poorly, accidental destruction of the wall and the LED, or else extra utilization of the LED wall. Thus, the visual content you are viewing will consist of black pixels across a ton of colored pixels.

Then, just like an LED TV damaged, you can see lines across the wall in multiple colors, a tell-tale sign of malfunctioning LED walls.

The concept of burn-in is not alien to us; rather, the name of it is the alien. The same picture remains on the LED walls for quite some without transforming into another motion, which is known as the Burn.

It is visual content stuck on the wall. Thus, this is another sign that will tell you that the wall is malfunctioning.

Risks of Broken LED Wall

Though it will be quite bamboozling to comprehend that there are not many risks in broken LED walls, some risks could affect the users.

  • LED shards could cause damage to the user.
  • Problems in eyesight
  • Possible explosions
  • Electric charges

If the LED wall is broken into pieces and has shards of galls falling out, it will be a danger to the user as these shards could physically harm them in no time. Thus, it is vital to pay attention to shards of the wall if broken.

As mentioned above, flitching and pixels being blacked out could affect your eye retina, which will also cause complications in eyesight. Therefore, it will be better to wear blue light-emitting glasses when watching through a broken LED wall.

The electric usage in these walls could be high, and with a broken wall at hand, there is a huge possibility of an explosion at any moment.

How Do We Fix the LED Wall If It is Broken?

There are some specific steps to follow if you are hoping to fix a broken LED wall, and those are,

  1. Identification of the Damage

Figuring out the initial reason and the root cause behind this damaged LED wall is the most predominant and pivotal step of the whole procedure, as we cannot treat the patient without a proper inspection. Thus, look for any signs of root causes in the wall.

  1. Inspection of Power

The next step is to check all the power sources that will power up the LED wall. The power sources should be secure and stable with the right voltage. Thus, if this issue resides in the power supply, ensure that you replace the power supply.

  1. Inspection of Cables

Cables being all black, long, and annoying, there is a big potential to get all the cables mixed up, especially in an LED wall. Thus, it is vital to inspect the cables and determine whether they are connected and accurately connected. Then, ensure that the cables are connected correctly to the right ports.

  1. Inspection of Connection

  2. Investigate Software Complications

The most optimal performance of the LED wall could be acquired through the up-to-date software update. Thus, it would be better to consider if there are any updates and update the LED wall.

  1. Professional Repairing

If any of the above solutions do not work on your broken LED wall, consulting a professional without damaging the wall much more with your DIY solutions will be best.

How Can You Replace Individual LED Modules or Panels

How Can You Replace Individual LED Modules or Panels?

When replacing the LED modules and panels, you need to replace the LED modules, panels, and the ICs, as the Integrated Circuits could be the root problem within these modules.

Thus, to replace both of those we mentioned, you need a heat gun, soldering iron, glue, copper wire, tin, solder paste, and a screwdriver.

With all those collected, you remove the modules or panels and glue new ones back on with glue. Before installing new panels, it would be better to check the new modules.

Are There Software Solutions for LED Wall Problems?

Yes. There are software issues that will cause damage to the LED wall, and software solutions that can solve these problems along the way.

The most common issue a software complication would cause is the malfunctions of the LED wall, like connection problems. Thus, the solution can also be found through software.

There are updates in the LED wall software that need to be updated routinely so you won’t face complications with the LED wall.

Thus, the most predominant software solution is the upgrade of the software regularly without a miss.

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