How to Direct Message on Discord Without Adding Them

How to Direct Message on Discord Without Adding Them?

Delving into Discord’s dynamic features raises the common query many of our readers, including us: “How to direct message on Discord without adding them? Knowing how to navigate through Direct Messages (DMs) without adding recipients as friends is crucial to enhancing your experience on this platform.

In this guide, we will unravel the subtle nuances of sending messages and adjusting settings, offering you insights into the seamless conversational possibilities Discord presents. Let’s explore and demystify the depths of Discord messaging together!

Can You DM Someone On Discord Without Being Friends?

You can DM someone on Discord without being friends. By default, Discord allows you to send direct messages (DMs) to any other user, even if they aren’t on your friend list. This facilitates communication in large servers where you might need to converse privately with someone you haven’t befriended.

However, it’s essential you remember that individual privacy settings might prevent this. You can modify your settings to only receive DMs from friends or server members, thereby blocking unsolicited messages. Always approach DMs with respect and avoid spamming to ensure a positive experience.

Can You DM Someone On Discord Without Being Friends?

How to Direct Message on Discord Without Adding Them? 

To DM on Discord without adding them to your friend list is relatively straightforward. 

Open Discord Application

Start by launching the Discord application on your PC or mobile device. 

Navigate to the User

You can find the user you want to message within a shared server. If you’re not in any shared servers, you won’t be able to message them unless you have their unique Discord Tag. 

Click on the User’s Name

Once you locate the user in a server’s member list, click on their username. This will open a mini profile card on the right side.

Initiate a Direct Message

On the mini profile card, you will notice a “Message” button or an icon resembling a speech bubble. Click on this to open a direct chat window with the user.

Compose and Send

Now, type your message into the chat box at the bottom of the DM screen and hit enter or click the send button. 

Check User’s Privacy Settings

If your message does not go through, it could be due to the recipient’s privacy settings. As mentioned earlier, you have the option to block DMs from people who aren’t their friends or from those outside the shared servers.

Server’s Role and Permissions

Some servers have specific roles with unique permissions. If a role restricts DMs, members assigned to that role may not be reachable via DMs, even if their personal settings allow it.

Maintain Online Etiquette

When reaching out, always respect the other person’s boundaries. If they don’t reply or ask not to message again, honor their request.

Remember, while the capability to send DMs without adding someone as a friend can be convenient, it also has the potential for misuse. You should avoid sending unsolicited messages, promotional content, or spam, as these can result in reports, warnings, or even bans. Therefore, always strive for respectful and purposeful interactions.

How To Enable Direct Messages on Discord?

To enable Direct Messages on Discord is a user-friendly process. Whether you’ve turned them off for privacy reasons or are looking to adjust your settings, here’s how you can manage it:

Open Discord and Access User Settings

Launch your Discord application. At the bottom-left corner, you’ll notice your profile picture and username. Click on the gear icon next to it, which represents “User Settings.

Navigate to ‘Privacy & Safety’

In the left sidebar, scroll down until you find the “Privacy & Safety” tab and select it. 

Locate Direct Message Settings

Within your ‘Privacy & Safety’ section, there’s an area labeled “Who can DM me?”. 

Choose Your Preference

You’ll see multiple options, such as “Everyone,” “Friends,” or “Server Members.” Select your preferred choice. If you want to receive DMs from anyone, even without being friends, choose the “Everyone” option.

Save Changes

Once you’ve made your selection, your changes are automatically saved. Ensure your Discord app is updated to avoid any discrepancies in settings. 

Always remember while enabling DMs can foster communication, it also opens the door to unsolicited messages. Ensure to frequently revisit your settings to maintain a balance between connectivity and privacy.

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