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How to Dial Letters on iPhone? Unlocking the Secret!

Though the world is full of modern advancements that drive the modern crowd like a hypnotizing virus, there are some instances in which the craziest people admire the old-fashioned way of living, like in the monoblock phone era in which the keypad was an open book filled with both numbers and letters. Thus, modern technology has adopted this monoblock phone technology to their advanced devices like iPhones, which most people find amusing and comfortable. However, a part of society still needs to comprehend How to dial letters on an iPhone. Hence, we present you with the necessary knowledge in this subject area.

Why would you Want to Type Letters on an iPhone Keypad?

Adapting the new technology toward the old technologies is surprising yet most fitting. One might wonder why we would travel back when there are huge spaces for developing newer technologies that could interpret the same output as the old method.

Moreover, one may wonder why you want to type letters on an iPhone. Though people love old-school practices, there are many new trendy concepts, like using contact numbers filled with letters and numbers. Thus, dialing these numbers through your number pad will be a struggle for any user, either from the newer generation or, the older one.

Thus, to simplify this business order, we must comprehend the need to type letters on a number pad in an iPhone. And, finding solutions to this complication of letters and numbers in contacts opened the doors to the history in which people used keypads that also represented the letters.

Can you Dial Letters Instead of Numbers on an iPhone?

Dialing letters on your number pad in the iPhone is possible as the Apple Company has manufactured their device while adopting the technique of the monoblock phones in which they had a specific number of letters underneath the numbers from 0-9.

These 0 digits could interpret the entire English alphabet A-Z and a-z. Thus, the adaptation of this technology to the iPhone has allowed iPhone users to dial letters instead of numbers on the dial pad.

However, this procedure will not look that much of strange scenery to the uneducated user as numbers replace letters. There are two main ways to reach this goal of dialing letters on the dial pad. They are,

  1. Utilizing the typical dial pad to enter letters to find the desired contact.
  2. Using the voice control or dictation feature to input the contact through your voice only.

How to Enter Letters on the iPhone Keypad During a Call

How to Enter Letters on the iPhone Keypad During a Call?

Entering letters while on a call with a loved one is easier as the procedure is the same as the Android. Thus, if you’re on a call with someone and need to dial a number to save the contact, you can press the dial pad and start entering the letters of your contact. Now comes the risky part of inserting letters on the dial pad. As we have mentioned earlier, in the iPhone dial pad, you will see letters assigned to each number which we can use as a reference to type the letters. The numbers that are aligned to the letters are as follows.

  • 2 – A, B, C
  • 3 – D, E, F
  • 4 – G, H, I
  • 5 – J, K, L
  • 6 – M, N, O
  • 7 – P, Q, R, S
  • 8 – T, U, V
  • 9 – W, X, Y, Z

Thus these letters are represented using the 0-9 digits. Suppose that you are entering a contact called “APPLE” Here is how you type the letters on the dial pad.

We will enter 2 for “A,” then two 7s for the double Ps in the word. Next, for “L,” we will enter 5, and finally, 3 for the letter “E.” Now as to conclude, the full word will be represented as 27753. You will introduce the letters “A, P, P, L, E” to your dial pad through this number.

Therefore it will be valuable to acknowledge that there is the possibility to enter letters onto the iPhone while you are on a phone call or even when you are not; it is a possibility that it is within reach of your fingertips.

 Can you Dial Both Numbers and Letters in the Same Phone Call on an iPhone?

Like in the monoblock phone era, you can enter numbers and letters onto the dial pad when you are on a call. As we mentioned earlier, entering letters is relatively easy if you are familiar with the old monoblock concept. There are no specifications when entering numbers among letters. Your iPhone will recognize the number and the letter from all the digits that will be entered. Now we will present you a step-by-step guide to entering numbers and letters to your dialed contact.

  • First of all, you must open the phone app on your iPhone
  • Then open the keypad by pressing the bottom tab of the screen.
  • Now if you need to enter a letter, type in the correspondent number of that specific letter, as we have mentioned earlier
  • Now if you need to add a numerical value, you can type in the number.
  • Voila, you have successfully entered numbers and letters into your dial pad while on a call.

What are Some Tips or Tricks for Effectively Dialing Letters on an iPhone?

When dialing letters in an iPhone, some tricks and tips will help you. However, if you were a proud user of a monoblock phone, you would have practiced remembering the corresponding number of the letter. Thus you will be benefitted if you use a monoblock phone.

However, if you have not used such a phone or even heard of such a device, you will be in the darkness. And for that crowd, you can alter the memory with the corresponding letters of the numbers, or you will have to sketch out the letters before typing it.

However, with the newer version of the iPhone, they have shown the necessary letters underneath the number so that you won’t face any difficulties. If you worry about the speed, do not, as the speed can be acquired through constant practice.

Now if you are still struggling to type in those letters, you can dial those contact with letters that will be in frequent usage and turn them into your favorite contacts so that you won’t have to use the dial pad to enter letters as much.

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