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How to Delete a Comment on Poshmark? Managing Your Conversations!

When you want to buy or sell something at a reasonable price, Poshmark surely comes into your mind. It is a larger online marketplace, and there are different kinds of people who come and go daily to the market. Thus, you receive comments on your listing. If you notice that there are some nasty comments, you need to know how to remove them. Today, we are going to explain how to delete a comment on Poshmark. If you were looking for a way to delete comments, this discussion would surely be helpful to you!

Can I Delete a Comment on Poshmark? 

There is no direct way to delete comments on the Poshmark marketplace yet. But you can try different methods to remove them from your listing, such as reporting the comment, blocking the user, etc.

Comments play a great role in the Poshmark marketplace because the buyers want to ask some questions from you before purchasing the item. However, sometimes, there may be comments about advertisements and other unnecessary or rude statements for a reason or without reason.

It is the common nature in any online marketplace but does not give up your listing; Move on to the next section to know the methods you can try to remove those types of comments.

How to Delete a Comment on Poshmark? 

Try the below-mentioned methods to remove any comments on Poshmark.

  1. Tap the Flag Icon – when you tap the flag icon of comments, you are able to choose a reason and let Poshmark know that this comment is unwanted. 4 reasons will appear as ‘Spam’, ‘Transaction off Poshmark,’ ‘Offensive comment,’ and ‘Harassment.’ You can choose whatever you want. Then the particular comment will be reviewed by a Poshmark moderation team. Considering your request, they will remove the comment within a few minutes. However, sometimes, the comment is not removed if they do not find a considerable fact to remove the comment according to their criteria. Then what you should do is flag multiple comments. Then your request cannot be ignored.

If there is spam or requests to contact off, Poshmark filters automatically detect and remove them within a few seconds.

  1. Block the User – it is possible to block the user who commented on. Then he or she will no longer be able to comment. In order to do that, you need to go to his or her closet first. Then you will see three dots at the right-side corner; click on them. Now an option called ‘Block User’ will appear; click on it.
  2. Re-listing – if you do not want to follow the above method, re-list your items on Poshmark. This option can be used when the Poshmark moderation team does not remove a comment you flagged.

Is It Possible to Remove a Comment Made by Another User on My Poshmark Listing? 

Poshmark does not provide an option to delete the comments. But as we discussed above, you can report or block the people who commented on.

When you create a Poshmark listing, you will be asked questions regarding your listing. So, you can reply or neglect them. When you keep seeing some unwanted comments, such as advertisements or harassment, you can report the comments. Or else, block those users instead of deleting the comments.

When you report or block them, it will not be informed to the user. But they cannot comment on your listing further.

Moreover, you can re-list your item. Then the comments and likes will be reset. So, you might be worried about the likes that the item received.

Then you have to follow one of the above-said methods or just neglect that comment. If the comment is about the price, you can lower the price of your item. Or else, there is no need to bother about the comment.

why can’t I comment on poshmark

Why Can’t I Comment on Poshmark? 

If you are unable to comment on Poshmark, the main reason would be you have been blocked by the seller. When you are blocked, you cannot interact with that particular closet. Moreover, you are not allowed to share the item or purchase it. In addition, you cannot use the feature of ‘Make an Offer’ on that item. Therefore, you are highly encouraged to be polite and precise when commenting on Poshmark.

And also, if you are recognized as one who has a spam account, Poshmark can take some action against you. Thus, always use an original account to sell or buy the items on Poshmark.

Moreover, you need to keep your Poshmark application up-to-date. If you still use an older version, you may have to face some software glitches or bugs.

How to Re-list on Poshmark?

If you wish to recreate your list instead of removing the particular comment, here is what you need to do.

  1. First, tap on the ‘Edit’ button on your listing.
  2. Then you will see a list. Scroll down ad select the option called ‘Copy Listing.’
  3. Now you can change whatever you want in your listing, like price.
  4. After that, you should click through to add your items.
  5. Finally, delete your original listing to paste the new list.

How to Identify Spam Comments on Poshmarks?

You should not deal with scammers on Poshmark because they can scam your identical details and so on. So, these tips will help you to identify the scammers on Poshmark.

Most of the time, they will comment on the item nicely, so you might tend to reply to them. However, they will ask to contact you via Gmail or any other way despite the comment section of Poshmark. The email addresses of scammers can have spaces or a lot of punctuation.

Anyways, now Poshmark filters always keep in touch with these comments. So those comments are removed automatically most of the time. However, it is worth knowing to identify the nature of scammers.

Especially If you are new to Poshmark, you will have to deal with such comments since scammers mostly focus on new listings.

Then the best thing to do is to report or block them on Poshmark. Do not communicate with scammers, although the comment says that he or she is interested in buying the item.

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