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How to Connect Ubotie Keyboard? [Easy Methods]

Working from home or studying is no longer boring as long as you have your Ubotie keyboard. This cool gadget instantly catches your eye due to its soft color codes, while the sound of buttons gives you early typewriter vibes. And the wireless connections make it easy to place the keyboard freely anywhere. However, you may have a doubt regarding the way to connect this keyboard to other devices since the wires are absent. Therefore, today, we will reveal to you how to connect the Ubotie keyboard properly. Further, if all your attempts to make the connection were failed so far, you will know what the fault is.

What is Ubotie Keyboard? 

Ubotie gained popularity worldwide within a short period of time because this particular keyboard, along with its mouse, did change the entire history of keyboards. The reason why, Ubotie keyboards come in different catchy colors with round plummy buttons.

Basically, it is available in 5 different colors such as pink, purple, blue, green, and black. Apart from those, there are some combinations of colors for those keyboards, such as pink-white, blue-white, yellow-purple, etc. Moreover, the soft clicking sound of the keyboard reminds you of a vintage typewriter.

Another beneficial feature is there is no necessity for wires to connect this keyboard to your computer. You only have to utilize the Bluetooth connection with its AAA batteries. And you are free to connect it to 3 devices.

The dimension of the regular Ubotie keyboard is 17.13 × 5.12 × 0.91 inches, and the weight is 2.16 pounds. There is a mini version of the Ubotie keyboard too.

What Devices are Compatible with Ubotie Keyboard?

As we mentioned above, you can connect three devices with the Ubotie keyboard and mouse at once. And when it comes to its compatibility, Ubotie facilitates almost all computer devices and systems. The device can be your desktop computer, laptop, tablet pc, smart tv, Mac, Macbook air, iPad as well as your smartphone.

It can work with both systems, Windows as well as MacOS. Similarly, both iPhones and Android phones can be connected with Ubotie to type anything.

The keyboard comes with two convenient keys, Windows and command keys which allow you to switch between the paired devices. And you can keep the paired device 33 feet away from the keyboard.

Therefore, the Ubotie keyboard and mouse act as a hub.

How to Connect Ubotie Keyboard?

You are able to connect the Ubotie keyboard within a few minutes since the procedure is not complicated at all. But remember that it is necessary to empower the keyboard with two AAA batteries to make the connection. And also, you will need a Bluetooth 5.1 connection. There is no doubt regarding the range of signals, as experts say.

Follow a method according to the device you have. There are Windows and Mac modifier keys on the keyboard, so the process is quite easy. After making the connection, the keys can be remapped. When you want to use those keys, command and option keys can be located.

Pairing with Windows Computer 

  • First, turn Bluetooth on your computer (start menu> system preferences > settings > devices > Bluetooth and other devices) and set the pairing mode.
  • Turn on the switch of the keyboard and activate its pairing mode.
  • After that, you will see the name of the keyboard on the screen as an active device; tap on it.
  • The connection has been successfully made; press some keys to see whether the keyboard is working.

Pairing with MacOS 

here, the procedure is a bit different than Windows in only the navigation to Bluetooth.

  • First, open the apple menu bar and choose the system preferences to turn on the Bluetooth mode. (Apple menu> system preferences)
  • Then activate the pairing mode of the Ubotie keyboard.
  • Within a couple of seconds, you will see the keyboard name on the screen, so tap on it to complete the paring.

If you want to connect a tablet to the keyboard, the process is quite the same as above. You should go to the settings and turn on the Bluetooth. When you can see the keyboard name on the screen, you can click on it to pair.

Why is My Ubotie Keyboard Not Connecting? 

The main reason for not connecting the keyboard with the paired device might be an issue with your Bluetooth connection. A problem with one device can affect both. First, you can check whether the Bluetooth is still on and whether the devices are paired. If the devices are disconnected, try to pair them again. In case they do not pair, there might be a problem with your internet connection, so check the router or dongle.

Sometimes, the problem has been raised by the batteries of the keyboard. You have to check whether the battery has a lack of power, if the keyboard malfunctions, such as skipping some letters, lagging, etc. As the immediate solution, you should charge the batteries using a USB cable.

And as with any other electronic device, protect your Ubotie keyboard from dust and insects too to avoid any problems.

My Ubotie Keyboard Not Working After Changing Batteries. Why? 

After you change the batteries of your keyboard, you need to connect the devices again. In order to do that, the connect button on the keyboard should be pressed. Or else, resync the device and plug the connector back. Then the device will be able to recognize the keyboard. In case the computer is unable to identify the keyboard yet, it would be better to reboot the machine. After that, try to configure the keyboard again. First, you should find the device manager on the system to uninstall the device; secondly, you have to reboot it.

If this method does not work, you have to check whether you have installed the batteries properly. Besides, there should be two AAA batteries in a single Ubotie keyboard, so make sure to check the battery level of both.

If every method does not work, change the device to another computer, laptop, etc. If the keyboard pairs with another device, there may not be a problem with the keyboard.

In case your keyboard is very old, and nothing can help to connect it again, you will have to visit a professional to diagnose the issue.

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