how to connect stealth 600 to pc without adapter

How to Connect Stealth 600 to PC Without an Adapter? Easy Steps

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is a popular headset due to its cool features. And also, it is versatile because it can be connected to a Windows PC too, apart from the Xbox console. Usually, this connection is made with the aid of the Xbox Wireless Adapter. But in case you do not have a compatible adapter, you need to know a technique of how to connect Stealth 600 to PC without an adapter. Here we have brought you the precious way you should adhere in order to do that. Refer to the below sections.

What is a Stealth Headset? 

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is a gaming headset that is compatible with PS5, PS4, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and also Mac. It has 15 hours of long battery life when it is fully charged.

It comes with a flip-to-mute mic which provides chat clarity. Moreover, the voice can be adjusted as you wish. The audio quality of Stealth 600 is ensured by the precision-tuned 50mm speakers.

The soft and breathable air cushions of the headset are comfortable to wear for a long time, and they are glasses-friendly. It comes in black and white colors. The price of Stealth 600 starts at $129.99.

What is a Stealth Headset

Can I Connect My Stealth 600 to My PC Without an Adapter? 

Yes, you can connect the headset to your Windows PC without using an adapter. In general, you should have the Xbox Wireless Adapter to make the connection between the PC and headset. Or else, your Windows PC should have the Xbox Wireless built-in feature.

This particular feature comes with a few laptops and pre-built PCs such as ASUS G703, Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube, Lenovo Legion Y720, Microsoft Surface Studio, etc.

You can find out whether the Xbox Wireless built-in is available on your PC by checking the PC’s specifications. If the Xbox Wireless built-in is available on your PC, you do not need the Xbox Wireless adapter.

This method is easier than using the adapter because you can cut down on the use of additional devices.

But remember that the features of the headset can be different within the PC more than the Xbox console. For example, when you use the headset on your PC, the volume controls are different when compared with the Xbox console.

How Do I Connect My Stealth 600 to My PC Without an Adapter? 

Check the PC’s built specification or user manual to ensure that the PC has Xbox Wireless built-in feature. If your PC has the feature, adhere to these steps to connect the headset to the PC.

  1. First, fully charge the Stealth 600 and switch it on. Make sure to keep it nearby. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect it to the PC.
  2. Then, turn on your PC and go to the ‘Settings’ tab.
  3. Find the tab called ‘Devices’ and tap on it. After that, choose ‘Connected Devices.’
  4. Click on ‘Add a Device’ to connect the headset. Then Windows will search for devices nearby with the help of Xbox Wireless built-in. So now take your headset and keep pressing the ‘Connect’ button on your headset till its LED light starts to flash. The ‘Connect’ button is on the left side of Stealth 600.
  5. When two devices are successfully connected to each other, you can see the name of the headset in the ‘Other Devices’ list on your PC.
  6. To adjust the audio quality on your PC, find out the speaker icon on the taskbar and right-click on it. Then tap on the ‘Sounds’ option. Next, you will see a tab called ‘Playback.’ When you click on it you will see the name of your headset as ‘TURTLE BEACH Stealth 600.’ Set the headset as the default device. Secondly, you need to follow the same steps on the ‘Recordings’ tab to ensure that the PC uses Stealth 600 for recordings as well.

What Should I Do If I am having Trouble Connecting My Stealth 600 to My PC? 

As we mentioned earlier, make sure to fully charge your Stealth 600. when the battery is low, it may have to face some connection issues. And keep the headset nearby when you proceed.

And if you cannot see the name of your headset in the ‘Other Devices’ tab, you might have to follow the procedure again. So, disconnect the headset. Then restart your PC and plug the headset in according to the instructions mentioned above.

If there are many devices that connect with the PC at the moment, Windows may be unable to find the Stealth 600 at once because it just acts as the Bluetooth connection on your PC. After you restart the machine, it might work.

What are the Advantages of Connecting My Stealth 600 to My PC Without an Adapter? 

The main advantage is you do not want to use Xbox Wireless Adapter to connect Stealth 600 to your PC. Therefore, you will no longer deal with another device in your desk area.

You have to spend money on an adapter because the headset does not come with it, but if your PC has the built-in feature, there is no such cost. Thus, built-in functionality is advantageous in the aspect of cost as well.

Since the built-in feature does not require any physical device, there is nothing to worry If you forget to carry the adapter when you are travelling.

The procedure of the Xbox Wireless built-in feature is easy to follow. When you have stable devices, it will only take a few minutes to connect. 

Are there Any Drawbacks to Connecting My Stealth 600 to My PC Without an Adapter? 

You need to have the Xbox built-in feature on your PC. Otherwise, it is impossible to connect Stealth 600 to a Windows PC.

Unfortunately, this feature does not come with most PC and laptop models yet. Similarly, individual motherboards which support Xbox Wireless built-in functionality cannot be seen in the market yet.

This is the most noticeable drawback when you do not have an Xbox Wireless Adapter.

Xbox Wireless built-in acts as a Bluetooth connection on your PC. Therefore, when there is an interference or kind of a bug on you PC, you may be unable to connect the headset.

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