How to cancel Picolo subscription

How to Cancel Picolo Subscription? [Step By Step]

Picolo is a trending mobile gaming application, growing in popularity among teens and youngsters. The Picolo is a party game or drinking game, where you will need two or more players to play. You can use the app when you hang out during parties or night outs to spice up the occasion. You use Picolo to play wild and crazy fun games with different prompts. The game includes various fun activities that can booze you because it gets very exciting when you continue playing. The Picolo gaming app can be installed on your phone via the iOS or Google play store and installed for free. But, the free version of the Picolo app will only include the basics, which is not as exciting as the paid premium version. The paid version of Picolo can cost up to 45 dollars annually and even little as $4 one time, but practically you will be going out to parties and night outs all the time. Hence, it is considered a waste of money because you only pay for one-time use, and the app is unused for the rest days. Unsubscribing the paid Picolo version is a tiny step to be economical. But for most subscribers, the app is, but they will need to learn how to cancel Picolo subscription. Well, the good news is you are at the right place!

Does Deleting an App Cancel the Subscription?

We all find the shortest and easiest way, but unfortunately, deleting an app is not practical to cancel a subscription. Because the paid details remain in your account in the app data, you can also sign in to your account using another device.

Hence, to cancel the Picolo subscription, you must have the app on your smart device and sign in to the account with the paid details. You can use iOS, Android, or any other Operating system to unsubscribe from the Picolo subscription. We have included the method to cancel the Picolo subscription using different operating systems in the following.

Does Picolo have a Free Plan?

As previously stated, Picolo has the free version game like most gaming apps. But the free plan will only include the basics of a party game, excluding most exciting prompts. If you want to use the app further, you can pay as much as $4 one time or activate a weekly subscription.

How to Cancel a Picolo Subscription on Android?

If you have downloaded the Picolo app on your Android smart device, the instructions below to cancel the Picolo subscription will be useful. Ensure you follow the instructions properly to cancel the Picolo subscription


  1. First, you must open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Sign in to the respective email account to the Picolo is subscribed. You must sign in through another email account to see the Picolo app in the subscription list.
  3. Click on your profile picture in the top left corner of the Play Store.
  4. Now you will see a pop-up window on the screen.
  5. Scroll down to click on Payments and Subscriptions.
  6. Under Payments and subscriptions, click on the subscriptions.
  7. Select the Picolo game app, then click on Manage subscriptions.
  8. Click to cancel and select cancel subscription from the pop-up. Now the Picolo subscription is canceled.

How to Cancel Piccolo Subscription on Apple?

When it comes to unsubscribing on Apple, you can use it in two ways. Hence below, we have given two methods with instructions to Unsubscribe from the Picolo app on iOS.

The first method is using the Apple app store, which is the most convenient way.

  1. Open the Apple app store on your iOS device.
  2. Click on your profile in the top corner and select Manage subscriptions from the list.
  3. Now scroll down your active subscribe apps and locate Picolo.
  4. Click on the Picolo app and select cancel subscriptions below. Now you are no longer playing the Picolo drinking game.

The second method to cancel the subscriptions on an iOS device is with your Apple ID. You can use any device with the same Apple ID you paid for Picolo.

  1. Open Settings on your iOS device.
  2. Click on your Apple ID with your name.
  3. Click on iTunes and App store from the list.
  4. Click on your apple ID bar on the top, and select view apple ID to authenticate your password.
  5. Now scroll down and Select subscriptions.
  6. You will now see the active subscribed apps and select Picolo from the list.
  7. Click to cancel subscriptions and confirm. Now the Picolo drinking game is unsubscribed.

How to Cancel Picolo Subscription on the Website?

If you do not have the Picolo app, you can use the computer to cancel the subscription.

  1. Open the Picolo website in your windows.
  2. Log in to your Picolo account.
  3. Select the Menu on the screen and click on Billings.
  4. Select subscriptions, enter the necessary details, and cancel the subscription.

How to Play Picolo Without Paying?

You can play with Picolo for free, but as previously discussed, the free version will only include the basics. Though you can play the Picolo without paying, it will not spice up and make the occasion as exciting as the paid version of the party app.


Picolo is a drinking game installed via the Apple app store or Google play store on your smart device. It has various prompts that can spice up parties and night outs, making it more exciting. Though Picolo has the free version, it only has the basics. A person using the free plan must buy the paid version because it only gets interesting when you continue to play. Though you will have to pay little as $4 to unlock more levels, the app is only a one-time use. Hence, you will pay for nothing for the rest of the days.

Therefore, in this article we are primarily discussing how to cancel Picolo subscription. We have  discussed how can you cancel the Picolo subscription with android, apple and in website with the steps to make the article useful.

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