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How to Appear Offline on Oculus? [Privacy & Adjust]

The Oculus Quest does not require a computer or other device to function as a standalone augmented reality headset. There may be times when you want to hide your actions or appear offline when using the Oculus Quest. You can typically hide your online presence in sports, social media, and messaging apps. But what about the Quest? All you need to know about ‘How to appear offline on Oculus’ is available right here.

Does Oculus Have an Offline Mode?

Your Oculus Quest and Meta Quest headsets have been designed to work with Wi-Fi connectivity, just like any good game system. Oculus Quest may be played without even an internet connection.

This assumes you’ve already uploaded any video games you are planning on playing onto the devices and finished the basic headset installation.

But, you must complete the Initial Headset Configuration phase prior to attempting to go down since it is crucial. In the absence of having installed any more Oculus Quest activities onto your device, you can’t keep playing them remotely. Any video games you would really like to play should be downloaded before being taken offline.

Can People See What I’m Doing on Oculus?

Via the security settings, you could control how socially active you wish to be as well as which everyone else is given your personal data. Who may view personal behavior, along with the programs you utilize, is left to ourselves. You could also decide either to enable an active social media presence, which indicates if you’ve been previously or presently active.

The way your recent VR behavior is presented on the account hinges on who has access to current engagement on Oculus. You have control regarding who may view your behavior in virtual reality as well as on additional platforms using the Meta Horizon identity.

You have discretion over what you do with your Meta Visualization tools, the items you purchase from Meta Quest Stores or the Application Lab, how the applications exchange information regarding your conduct through us when you use these applications, and how the apps utilize their own data to communicate with any of us.

You have the option of making your engagement public or only visible to your friends. Because you don’t want other people to be able to understand what you’re doing in VR, set that one to “Just Me.”

How to Appear Offline on Oculus?

Viewers of said Oculus have a number of choices for modifying what other individuals see themselves.

–      Users might use another PC’s Oculus software to appear offline.

–      You can regulate who has access to your account and how you connect with them by changing the privacy options mostly on Quest, this smartphone application, the software package, or even the Oculus portal.

–      You can choose to prevent particular users from seeing your most recent quest activity and interacting with you.

Follow these Recommendations When Looking Offline When Utilizing the Oculus PC Software

Start the Oculus software.

A drop-down option will appear; select it by clicking there.

Choose “Settings.”

Look for the “privacy” portion as you descend.

Turn the knob beside “Appear Offline.”

By updating your biography in VR, you may make sure that you don’t seem to be online to anyone. The profile image shouldn’t be accompanied by a green circle any longer.

By Utilizing the Oculus Online Smartphone Application, Adhere to these Procedures to Look Offline

Access the options menu inside the Oculus application by opening it on your phone.

Look for the “Privacy” area as you descend.

“Manage your privacy settings” should be selected.

You can change the privacy controls with each person’s potential from this point.

Change the “Offline” button into the “ON” setting to make yourself seem offline for Quest.

To Appear Offline, Use Oculus Identity Settings

Start the Oculus PC software.

Must choose the context menu situated at the top-hand corner.

End up choosing “Settings” from the break menu.

Prefer “Privacy” from the left-hand panel.

Prioritize “Nobody” from the “Who can view my online status?” drop-down menu.

To permanently store any revisions, tap “Save.”

Follow the Instructions Below Unless you Want to Prohibit Someone

Start the Oculus Rift application.

Cross the lines to open the submenu.

Use the “Friends.”

Select the person’s identity.

Choose “Block user.”

How Do I Hide My Activity on Oculus?

You have the option of keeping any internet activity as the owner of such a Business private. You have the additional flexibility to conceal user involvement and the current status of external programs using the Hide Application Activity option. Your social media connections can be promptly informed of your online communications by Quest.

Use the following methods to hide an app’s performance

Open the Oculus program on the device of your choice.

When in the lower right, select the menu.

Use the Privacy Settings in the System tray instead.

You can choose the application whose data you want to make invisible by clicking Hide App Information. The term Hidden would then show up next to the activation code after you make your selection.

When utilizing specific software, other users could still be able to see what you are doing, even if you opt to hide anything. Follow the steps above and select “Friends” rather than “Just Me” to change this option at any time.

Why Oculus Not Showing Friends Online?

You will lose your ability to gain access to the most comprehensive data for many other individuals if you configure your account to “Appear Offline.” In consequence, it might grow more tricky to engage with fellow partners in doing this Quest.

It’s also crucial to remember that regardless of whether you alter your private status to Appear offline, users in select Quest applications stay visible to other players, although competitive VR applications still allow customers to network and communicate with other players.

Welcome links appear to be the best alternative for pre-arranging a virtual reality (VR) contact with any of your friends and connecting in one spot without having to browse through panels or acquaintances lists.

Does Oculus Download While Off?


Downloading games is not permitted while the system is turned off. No input is being received by the device. The Oculus smartphone’s storage is not used for calculations or data storage.


You can continue with your other activities while the Oculus Portal installs. Luckily, putting the Quest to sleep or hibernation does not completely stop the installation. You can save rechargeable battery power by avoiding doing any chores while the headpiece is open and working. While there won’t be as many things vying for capacity, it can also aid in accelerating overall downloads.

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