how long does hinge ban last

How Long does Hinge Ban Last? Understanding Hinge Ban Duration!

Now dating has changed its path into the modern technological world as most people fancy dating online rather than meeting up with people physically, craving direct eye contact. Thus the preferred way of dating makes the Hinge app one of the most popular dating apps in the market. However, if you are banned from the app, how long does Hinge ban last? We are here to investigate the situation looking for the reasons for the occurrence of the Hinge ban and how long it will be lasting. Moreover, we will discuss whether being banned from Hinge frequently occurs.

What is the Common Reason for a Hinge Ban?

Acknowledging the reasons behind the sudden ban of your Hinge account will be useful to prevent the process of banning from happening again and again. Thus we will now go through the main reasons for a Hinge ban.

  1. Violation of terms of service of Hinge
  2. Violation of community of guidelines
  3. Frequent reports from other users

Other than this main reason, there are many other reasons why you might be banned from Hinge. We’ll see what those reasons are.

  • Racism
  • Hateful verbal accusations
  • Sexual content
  • Offensive verbal contact
  • Utilization of fake accounts and fake information
  • Catfishing
  • Solicitation
  • Illegal requests for money
  • Promoting services and products.

Upon detecting the above reasons for your activities in the Hinge app, you will be banned no matter how you try to disclose these activities. Moreover, the Hinge app takes other users’ reports very seriously.

How does Hinge Determine the Duration of a Ban?

Determination of the duration of about will defer from user to user and the reason behind considering a ban by the app. Therefore the Hinge ban is most often permanent, according to the mother company of the Hinge app.

This occurs due to the responsible nature of the Hinge app towards the security and privacy policy of the user. However, sometimes, only on rare occasions, if you only have one Hinge account, you will be banned for seven days, while if you have two accounts, you will be banned for 14 days.

The determination of the time limit in the Hinge ban highly depends on the depth of the violation that will directly affect the company’s decision to consider banning its users.

Therefore if you have violated many policies from the terms and policies that you agreed to protect with the installation of the app, you will face a permanent ban from the Hinge dating app.

Is It Common to Get Banned from Hinge?

The ban on the Hinge app seems to be much more common than one might expect them to be. The users have experienced being banned much more times than the times they were able to experience love on the app.

This might occur as the app mainly focuses on building a safer and positive environment for its use as the app informs the users that if you are kind and considerate about other people, you will last long in the app.

Therefore, sometimes the app bans people without reason, so they have introduced a feature to appeal to them.

Can you Appeal a Hinge Ban and Reduce Its Length?

Unlike Tinder, another child app from the same mother company as the Hinge app, Hinge allows users to submit an appeal to retrieve their accounts.

However, the considerations of these appeals need to be made aware of as the Hinge app team follows the rules and the regulations of the app more strictly. However, you can only appeal once and attach screenshots or any proven evidence with the appeal.

At the same time, there is no positive possibility of the appeal’s success. If it succeeds, you can open your old account or another new one, which means the ban gets shorter.

How Do I Appeal a Hinge Ban

How Do I Appeal a Hinge Ban?

Appealing is a relatively easy task, but it is important to acknowledge that you can only appeal to the Hinge once.

First, you must email the Hinge app describing the nature of your ban and why you think you should not be banned from Hinge, explaining your reasons.

Please attach screenshots, audio, or video messages to help support your reasoning with this email. Moreover, make sure to include your email, name on the Hinge app, and contact number on the Hinge app.

How Long does a First-time Hinge Ban Typically Last?

Even if it is your first time being banned, the accurate duration of the banning cannot be guessed as the banning procedure could differ from user to user and the reason behind it.

However, the first ban would only be permanent for some of the time, while the banning can last for days or even months. However, the Hinge app is not known for giving warning signs through banning.

Therefore, one can only hope that the first ban is temporary and wait until the ban gets canceled. However, you can also try their appeal system if you have not violated their rules and regulations.

Can a Hinge Ban be Lifted Before the Specified Duration?

The simplest answer to this question is yes. You will lose hope once you receive a message from the Hinge app saying that your account has been deactivated or banned. However, if you take the necessary actions, you can prevent the banning last forever.

If the Hinge app has not taken your account and the details from their databases and servers, you might still have a chance to regain your account.

Thus, you must file an appeal as fast as you learn about the ban. While the answer to this question becomes YES, we cannot guarantee the time the Hinge app will take to remove your information from their servers.

How to Avoid Getting Banned on Hinge?

Discovering methods to avoid the Hinge ban is essential if you still want to mingle in the world of love while testing the options the Cupid sends. Therefore not to be a stupid idiot in front of the matches that the Hinge set you up with, you must be a kind-hearted and open-minded person, as the Hinge app greatly appreciates friendly, intellectual, and mature conversations and bonds that are built via the app.

Moreover, if you agree to the terms and conditions of the app, you must act according to those conditions; therefore, you must read them thoroughly as well.

Moreover, you must be a responsible adult and avoid engaging in any illegal activities in the app that will make you a victim of multiple reports. Furthermore, you must understand the concept of dating apps and the purpose of the Hinge app, which targets a more mature society as its users.

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