how do i check my truconnect application status

How to Check My TruConnect Application Status? (3 Methods)

You may be interested in knowing the status of your TruConnect entry and think to yourself “I have lately submitted an application to participate in the TruConnect Lifeline service, how do I check my TruConnect application status?” You can get a quick rundown of the solutions in this post.

How Do I Check My TruConnect Application Status?

You can visit or contact customer help with the application number to check your TruConnect application status. Let us explain these methods a bit.

Visiting the Official Web Page of TruConnect to Get the Application Status

You can visit the TruConnect portal via to check the condition of your application. You will come across an interface like this.

truconnect check status

Here, just type in the Zip Code and the email account that you registered with. 

Utilize the TruConnect App to Check Your Application Condition

If you have previously created a TruConnect lifeline consideration, you can verify the status of your application via a TruConnect login with the official smartphone application.

  • Get the MyTruConnect app
  • Launch the application, then log into your user account.
  • Next, provide your SIM card’s unique identification or TruConnect cellphone number.
  • Go to the menu and choose Lifeline Status.
  • You may find out if the request has been accepted, refused, or is still waiting.

Check Your TruConnect Application Status By Contacting Customer Help

If you wish to get the status directly from a representative of TruConnect, you have two options available. The first option is to fill out the below-mentioned form by navigating to

Contact Truconnect customer help

If not, you can call TruConnect at (800) 430-0443 and inquire about your application status. When calling, make sure you have the application number to minimize the hassle. 

How Long Does TruConnect Take to Review Your Application?

TruConnect takes 3-5 business days to review your application. Applications may occasionally take up to a week, though. 

The time it takes to process each application depends on how carefully they want to make sure that only the most worthy candidates are chosen.

To be eligible, you must fulfill certain criteria, and once you’ve submitted your application, everything will be examined. You may not receive an update for between three and five business days. The following procedures will be sent to you in an email. Within 7 to 10 days of your request being granted, your equipment will be delivered.

Why Did TruConnect Reject My Application?

Here are some possible reasons why TruConnect may reject an application.

  • You don’t live in a state where TruConnect’s Lifeline service is available.
  • There were mistakes in your application process.
  • Throughout the application procedure, you neglected to turn in copies of the private and eligibility documentation.
  • You’re under the legal drinking age.
  • Your household’s income exceeds the state’s equivalent of the federal level of poverty by 135%.
  • You don’t take part in any government assistance initiatives, including WIC, LIHEAP, Section 8, SNAP, and SSI.
  • You omitted to offer documentation of your location.

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