can you unsend a text on android

Can you Unsend a Text on Android? Taking Control of Your Messages!

Ever delivered a message via text that you regretted sending afterward? Or maybe you pressed the “Send” option too soon before you had even finished what you were saying? Or even worse, did you accidentally text the incorrect individual? Can you unsend a text on Android?

If you’d like to learn how to cancel an Android SMS message, keep reading! You may learn more about what occurs to deleted texts in this post, as well as your options for getting them back.

Can you Unsend Text Messages on Android?

Unfortunately, once a message has been sent, it cannot be retrieved. The unsend option for Gmail is exclusive to Google. However, this capability is not available in SMS and MMS messages or text messages on the iPhone or Android.

These gadgets only support one-way communications; whenever you submit a message, it is sent and may be read by another user. Therefore, you must exercise caution before delivering your letter.

You will undoubtedly wish you could get back or unsend an electronic communication that you unintentionally sent to somebody. On several social networking sites, like Facebook, Instagram, as well as WhatsApp, you may simply delete messages that have already been sent. However, it’s not that simple to delete text messages sent from an Android device.

Sadly, there is no method for avoiding the text from reaching its destination mid-sentence. Fortunately, we have identified several methods to spare you from this dreadful situation.

How to Unsend a Text Message on Android Using Built-in Features?

Turn Off the Phone Right Away

Everyone cannot frequently employ the approach. Therefore it is popular. Thankfully once the instruction to transmit the message is given, it functions. Yet, before a notification is given, we should abide by it.

It states that you must promptly turn off your phone, disconnect the battery if it is replaceable, or activate flight mode if necessary.

If used properly, it can benefit you by omitting the message. To verify the status of the message, first switch on the device, then put a battery in it, and last, turn on or off airplane mode.

Additionally, keep in mind that it will only be useful if you’re doing it fast and accurately. We ought to be able to deliver the message in no more than five seconds once you give us the instruction.

Making Use of a Third-party Program

Third-party programs such as TigerConnect come in handy here. You must enable this app rather than the device’s built-in texting app.

Once the text has been sent to the person, you must long-press your text and pick the option that says Recall it from the receiver’s phone. This should be done before the other person opens your message.

What Happens When you Delete a Text on Android?

The Recycle trash stores deleted messages that were sent from the Samsung Communications app for approximately 30 days. The mail is permanently deleted from the Trash bin immediately after those 30 days have passed.

Choose “Delete” to remove the chosen chats from Messages. If you make Messages your primary texting app, erased chats will be wiped from your smartphone as well.

This change is irreversible. You aren’t going to be able to view a deleted text message, call, or message from Google Voice anymore. It could be saved on the gadgets of those you visited or on your own personal devices.

Both iOS and Android prohibit the deletion of delivered messages from the recipient’s device. Even if you erase the discussion or communication, the other party will continue to possess a copy of it. However, it will seem like a brand-new chat on your mobile device.

Is it Possible to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android

Is it Possible to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android?

Deleted texts may easily be recovered if you utilize the Samsung Texts app.

Lost texts have a 30-day holding period in the trash section of the Samsung Messages application before being completely removed.

  1. Activate Samsung Messages.
  2. Located at the top-right of the text on the screen, click the triple-dot navigation symbol.
  3. The symbol for the garbage can.
  4. You may restore a discussion by selecting it and then “Restore.”

Messages that have been deleted in excess of thirty days ago may still be recovered, but only after you utilize Samsung Cloud for backing up your mobile device.

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Choose “Accounts and backup” from the menu.
  3. Go to the “Samsung Cloud” page by scrolling down.
  4. Select “Restore data” from the menu.
  5. In order to recover data, find the backup.
  6. To recover messages that were lost, choose “Messages.”

On Android, texts that have been completely erased can be retrieved, although doing so on our own is challenging. A PC-based program called FonePaw Android Information Recovery can locate old, erased messages that were stored in the internal storage of a device running Android and retrieve these.

Can you Unsend a Text that Hasn’t been Read?

The text can’t be removed or unsent after it has been sent if you use a regular SMS method to send the message. You might be able to remove the text prior to the recipient receiving it if you send it using an app like iMessage as well as WhatsApp.

Someone else could have noticed the text prior to you erasing it, so it’s not any kind of certainty. You shouldn’t send the SMS in the very beginning if you’d like to be sure the recipient isn’t seeing it.

With Android, you may remove a text before it is read by anybody else. Compose the text reply and touch the garbage can icon to perform so. However, there is no foolproof technique to remove messages from SMS on either side.

Yet, several third-party messaging applications include unsend options; if you’re susceptible to accidentally sending out awkward texts, try to perform most of your chatting in applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger instead.

Are There any Apps that Allow you to Unsend Texts on Android?


You may delete a communication by opening the chat containing it, long-pressing it, tapping the “Delete” symbol, and selecting “Delete for Everyone.”

Messenger on Facebook

When you wish to send a communication again, open the chat with it, hold down on it, select “Remove” from the menu, and then select “Remove for Everyone.”

Messages on Google

If you wish to delete a message from a discussion, open it, hold down on the message to be deleted, hit the “Delete” symbol, and then select “Delete for Everyone.”

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