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Alexa, Turn on My PS4: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking to find out whether ‘Can Alexa turn on my PS4?’, you’re at the right place. All we need to do is download the app and create an Alexa account. Once we have downloaded the app, we need to connect the Echo device or Harmony to our Wi-Fi and start using it.

We usually turn on PS4 with Alexa simply by commanding Alexa to turn it on. In this article, we will be walking you through clearing any doubt or confusion on how to turn on your PS4, what commands you can use with Alexa for controlling the PS4 and also whether Alexa can actually turn on your TV and more.

Can Alexa Turn on My PS4?

Yes, absolutely. Alexa does turn on our PS4. But to turn on our PS4, we need to make sure that our PS4 has the latest version of firmware installed in it. We should also be connecting our Alexa to the Echo device for it to work. We actually have many options to purchase an in-built Alexa voice assistant built into Echo device and Amazon Echo dot or use harmony google assistant.

So, for us to connect with Alexa, we need to purchase any of the following devices, which cost around $49.99, the lowest; have the Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap and Echo Dot or connect to harmony google assistant, which costs around $100. We could also use it with Fire TV as well as Fire Tablet.

After connecting our Alexa download to our Echo device, it must also be connected to our wireless network used. Once you do that, it’s not just music, news, timer or control on home appliances and devices. Alexa could also help us turn on our PS4 console for us.

How to Set up Alexa with My PS4?

When it comes to the question of how to set up Alexa with your PS4, we should remember there is no direct way of making the connection work. We need to use a third-party device for the purpose. Since we don’t have any intended straightforward connection between Alexa and our PlayStation 4 console, we use harmony google assistant for the voice commands.

This is how we make it work; as the first step, we should connect our PS4 to harmony google assistant. Once done, we should then add the device to Alexa. So how the voice command works from there is by getting forwarded from Alexa to Harmony and then from Harmony to our PS4. Why we do this because of the lack of compatibility between our PlayStation and Alexa. And here are the steps to follow;

  1. We will start by connecting all three of our devices, Alexa, Harmony and the PS4, to a very reliable and stable source of power.
  2. As the second step, we will guide you on connecting the PS4 to your Harmony device, as Alexa and PS4 don’t really connect to one another. We connect by opening google home app> selecting Edit devices and clicking on the ‘+’ button> choosing an entertainment device and choosing Sony as manufacturer> typing PlayStation 4 for model number> clicking on add knowledge > finish clicking on Allow. 
  3. Now that we have connected the PS4 to Harmony, it would be able to manage and control various functions, including volume as well. We should use the following to choose and create an activity for Harmony to work with PS4; go to the PS4 settings > then to devices > Bluetooth settings (search for harmony keyboard) and tap on it once and leave the PS4 idle once done.
  4. As the fourth step now, we will connect Alexa to our PS4 by making up a routine for Alexa to follow when giving commands. This would include streaming platforms, games and other extras we want to include in the google home app. We do this manually by turning our PS4 on and off.
  5. Since we want our PS4 control to be with Alexa, we will connect Harmony to Alexa first. We should follow these steps to make the connection work; go to settings on Alexa> open skills tab> and go to harmony hub skill > press on the slider to link with the Google account harmony is connected to> let Alexa scan the harmony tab> and finally let Alexa control the PSA by the routine commands given in the fourth step.

What Commands Can I Use With Alexa to Control My PS4?

There are many ways we could command Alexa to turn on our PS4. For example, we could stick to the commands we created in the routine for our PS4 in the google home app. If we have entered the activity as ‘Alexa turn on PS4’ or ‘PS4 turn on ITORAH’, Alexa will forward this message to Harmony, and then PS4 will turn on the game for you.

What Commands Can I Use With Alexa to Control My PS4?

Are there Any Limitations or Restrictions with Using Alexa to Control My PS4?

The most basic limitation we find is that Alexa and PS4 don’t actually connect with compatibility, and we are forced to use a bridge to connect the two. Another limitation would be that we can’t really have complete command or control over PS4 to a deeper level, except for the basics like volume, turning on/off the PS4 and also turning on the games. And many would feel discouraged from using Alexa for this purpose because of the time and effort needed to set it up.

What are the Benefits of Using Alexa to Control My PS4?

We have a few perks of connecting Alexa with our PS4, even though the process can be a little exhausting. We see many benefits that we could actually enjoy, like easy and convenient command functions, quick voice-based navigation, hands-free turn-on/off control, and also a comfortable and improved gaming experience for us lazy gamers.

Can Alexa Turn on My TV?

Yes, we can totally turn on and operate our TV using Alexa for commands. Not just turning on the TV, we could also use Alexa to turn on the volume to pause and play movies as well. All we need to do is simply link and enable Alexa for the hands-free voice command to turn on/off the TV and operate the device just through voice navigation. This is a very convenient and easy way for us lazy users to spend time on the TV without looking for the remote.

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